The Home of ‘Handmade Hospitality’

Friday, 3 December, 2004
Devon Valley Hotel/SylvanVale Vineyards
Louis Group International, and partners, purchased the Devon Valley Hotel, in the award-winning SylvanVale Vineyards, with one goal in mind – to restore the property to its deserved status as an elegant boutique hotel and the social hub of the Devon Valley.
A little more than a year later, we are delighted with the result of the extensive rejuvenation process where the cedarwood frame of the hotel is about the only aspect that has not changed. The rooms have been enlarged and the bathrooms redesigned – a process, which required attention to the routine aspects, such as plumbing and to the finest detail of the finishes. Each room was designed to allow unobtrusive inside-to-outside flow and in so doing capitalise on the ambience of this inspiring setting. The south facing rooms open up onto the breathtaking view of SylvanVale Vineyards and the Devon Valley while the rooms facing north, each open onto a beautifully landscaped private garden. The public areas have received the same attention and the refurnished Vineyard Terrace provides el fresco dining with exquisite views, the Cedarwood Lounge provides a wonderfully welcoming and cosy corner in which to relax; and ‘Flavours’ Restaurant offers uncomplicated cuisine where flavour always comes first. “A refurbished hotel can only deliver on the service promise if the people who serve the guests are inspired to do so,” says Craig Seaman, hotel manager. “The ‘Handmade Hospitality’ motto that guides the hotel, oversees that staff are employed from the area, and are encouraged to relate with the Guests and ensure that they enjoy an authentic experience. This motto provides the ongoing challenge to, where possible; provide services that are personal and unique yet professional” he adds. With the success of the hotel, has come the renewed focus on the SylvanVale wines. SylvanVale consists of a range of handmade ‘boutique’ wines including the superb full-bodied Pinotage Reserve, matured in small French oak, a crisp and fruity dry Rosé made entirely from Cabernet Sauvignon and the rich, but dry Chenin Blanc. Recently two innovative ‘Vine Dried’ wines were added to the range - a Pinotage and a Chenin Blanc, made from specially selected bunches that were naturally dried on the vines. Viticulturist Lorna Hughes, who has been instrumental in the renaissance of the property, implements a programme of total quality management. Rigorous bunch selection throughout the year, along with winemaker Mark Carmichael Green’s hand in the cellar, has resulted in intensely flavoured and ultra ripe fruit – the basis of SylvanVale’s big, bold wines. “We believe 2004 was a process of preparation and we look forward to building on this exquisite offering and welcoming many international and local guests to experience the ‘Home of Handmade Hospitality’,” said Seaman. For more information on the Devon Valley Hotel or SylvanVale Vineyards, contact Craig Seaman on (021) 865 2012.


Mark Carmichaelgreen, Nils Henrichsen, Lorna Hughes and Craig Seaman
Mark Carmichaelgreen, Nils Henrichsen, Lorna Hughes and Craig Seaman

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