Paul Cluver Weisser Riesling released

Wednesday, 22 September, 2004
Shirley de Kock Gueller
The 2004 vintage of the Paul Cluver Weisser Riesling is another in the long line of elegant Weisser Rieslings for which this estate is noted. Says winemaker Andries Burger, care was taken to ensure that no grapes with botrytis were included.

"The keynote of the wine is one of floral austerity, lots of spice and typical varietal flavours. It has the typical Riesling nervousness that has resulted in a wine that is neither sweet nor sour.

"We believe we have achieved an elegant, rich palate and the aftertaste is carried strongly by the high acidity.

"The wine can be enjoyed now with slightly spicy food like curry or nachos or left to mature for another five, six or even seven years."

Burger says moist air is blown into the Elgin Valley and on to the western slopes where the seventeen year-old vines grow.

"We allowed 6 hours of skin contact before pressing, settling and then fermentation, some of which was stopped at a residual sugar of 17 g/l. The wine was then blended and bottled and I believe the resulting residual sugar level of 8.9g/l to be perfectly balanced with the high acidity."