Trail running finds firm foothold in the Breedekloof

Tuesday, 12 November, 2013
uniWines Vineyards
Trail runners and outdoor adventure seekers flocked to the Breedekloof this past weekend to participate in the first annual uniWines Meander Trail Run.
The event was hosted at the wine producer's Daschbosch cellar, situated in the picturesque Louwshoek area near Rawsonville.  This cellar, which is also home to the company's elegant and modern wine tasting facility, is surrounded by stunning mountains and vineyards, pristine river streams as well as an abundance of indigenous flora and fynbos.

The 124 participants who arrived early on Saturday morning were greeted by perfect weather conditions and a friendly team of uniWines staff who ensured that runners received ample refreshment throughout their run. There were three course distances to choose from: a 3km Family Fun Run, an intermediate 10km Yellow Course, and a tough 20km Red Course. Feedback on the first Meander Trail Run was overwhelmingly positive, with participants enjoying the challenging climbs, invigorating scenery, and also the varied course terrain which ensured an unpredictable and exciting running experience. 

The first event of its kind in the Breedekloof region, the Meander Trail Run is named after uniWines' Meander wine brand, and was organised with the motto of this unpretentious brand in mind – "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all". According to uniWines CEO, Ferdinand Appel, the company plans to expand the event and make it a favourite annual pit-stop for adventure sport enthusiasts. 

"More and more people are discovering the allure of our distinctive wines that are full of character and excellent value for money," says Appel. "However, our region has more to offer than simply wine. Our unspoilt natural environment makes the Breedekloof ideally suited to adventure sport, and the rugged, mountainous terrain at Daschbosch is any trail runner's dream. The Meander Trail Run is also an extension of the healthy, balanced lifestyle that we aim to promote through our wine brands."

The Breedekloof has become a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts in recent times, with activities ranging from hiking, mountain-biking, canoeing and fly fishing. Now trail running looks to have found a popular new home in the region. Appel adds that runners can expect an even bigger, better and more exciting Meander Trail Run next year.  "At uniWines we understand the importance of a holistic approach to wine tourism. We want everyone to discover our beautiful environment that has all the natural elements for truly authentic adventure sport, and where wine culture and an active lifestyle go hand in hand."