Indian billionaire Analjit Singh invests in Mullineux Family Wines

Friday, 1 November, 2013
Mullineux Family Wines
Mullineux & Leeu Family Wines, formerly known as Mullineux Family Wines, is happy to announce the acquisition of the shares of one of its partners by respected Indian Entrepreneur, Analjit Singh, in their Riebeek Kasteel based winery.
Husband and wife winemaking duo, Andrea and Chris Mullineux, started the winery in 2007 together with business partners, Keith Prothero and Peter Dart, with the aim of producing a select portfolio of hand-crafted wines from the granite and shale based terroirs of the Swartland. Within a very short time period the winery has established itself as one of South Africa’s most celebrated wine brands, both locally and on the international front.  

Mr Prothero’s shares were bought by Leeu International Investments Limited, while Chris and Andrea maintain their current ownership and operational control of the winery, and Peter Dart remains as a shareholder.

The acquisition of these shares is viewed by Mr Analjit Singh as an integral part of his growing private and family business interests, internationally and in South Africa. On the occasion of creating this joint venture Mr Analjit Singh said, "We are delighted to join Chris and Andrea in this exciting venture as they bring the passion, quality and focus that is essential to be 'best in class', which is a prerequisite for anything we are involved in.”

“We are very excited about the new partnership and as dedicated as ever to enforce our minimalist approach to winemaking and focus on expression of the Swartland terroir,” said Andrea and Chris. “This investment is not only great for the Mullineux brand, but also for the entire Swartland region, the home and head-quarters of our Mullineux and Kloof Street wines.”