Greater focus on wine industry innovation

Saturday, 19 October, 2013
The wine industry’s sustainability and profitability will be driven by a greater focus on innovation and marketing going forward, said VinPro, the representative organisation for wine producers and cellars during a recent roadshow in the nine respective wine growing regions.
Christo Conradie, manager Wine Cellars at VinPro, emphasised that producers and cellars should not see their business in isolation, but as part of a value-chain driven by consumers’ needs.

“70% of wine world-wide sells at between $8 and $12 per bottle, is consumed within three hours after being bought, and 70% of the production cost of such a bottle of wine is related to other items than winemaking. Make sure you know your consumers and adapt your strategy accordingly,” said Conradie.

According to Rico Basson, VinPro managing director, the wine industry will have to work more closely with government and labour to address challenges such as new technology and innovation, market trends and labour and cost pressures.

“Market development and promotion, relevant business intelligence and technological innovation are crucial to ensure profitable, sustainable growth in the wine industry going forward. Greater emphasis should also be placed on economic empowerment and development, social upliftment, as well as human resource development and training,” he said.

Apart from strategic technology transfer and viticultural and cellar advice, VinPro regularly liaises with Government and various labour groups, and the organisation is actively involved in various training initiatives from farm to tertiary level.

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Participants in the VinPro roadshow at Windmeul Cellar in Paarl: Petrus Bosman (Paarl director, VinPro), Chris du Toit (chairman, Boland Cellar), Danie Marais (cellarmaster, Windmeul Cellar), Christo Conradie (manager: Wine Cellars, VinPro) and Rico Basson (managing director, VinPro).