Anna Sviridenko (Russia)

Tuesday, 8 October, 2013
Meet the finalists who will be competing in the WOSA 2013 Sommelier Cup FINAL which will take place from 7–13 October 2013.
Anna Sviridenko gives her thoughts on wine:

"I got into the alcohol and beverages industry by accident and started at the lowest level – as a shop assistant in a supermarket. After some time I went over to a wine boutique. Again, I started as a consultant, but after 3 years I was promoted to the store manager. Having acquired some valuable experience and knowledge I decided to move over to a restaurant.

The company that I worked for assisted me to go through a sommelier school, which I completed with distinction.

In 2007 I was offered a job in one of the best Italian restaurants in St. Petersburg - "Park Giuseppe". After 2 years working there I felt the need to share my knowledge by teaching students in a Wine Club at the wine boutique where I used to work previously. I organized wine tastings for wine lovers and shared my passion to wine with them.

Nowadays I work in the biggest steak restaurant in Saint-Petersburg "Stroganoff Steak House".
I frequently participate in various local, national and international sommelier competitions and I am proud of my achievements:

Champion in the "Baltic Cup - 2013" competition in St. Petersburg
Champion in the "St. Petersburg Sommelier – 2011” competition in St. Petersburg
Runner-up in the "Best Sommelier of Russia – 2013” competition in Moscow
Runner-up in the "Baltic Cup - 2012" competition in St. Petersburg
Runner-up in the "Chaine de Rotisseurs - 2012" competition in Moscow
Runner-up in the "St. Petersburg Sommelier - 2010" competition, in St. Petersburg
Fourth place in the international "Chaine de Rotisseurs - 2012" competition in South Africa
Third place in the "Best Sommelier of Russia – 2011” competition in Moscow

In 2010 I took part in the first WOSA Sommelier Cup and came forth in the national round.

I travel extensively through the wine regions of the world and have been to wineries in Italy, Spain, Austria and South Africa to expand the horizons of my wine’s knowledge."

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