"Cheers to you" awards:

Monday, 14 October, 2013
Because you can never have too many misshapen trophies on your wall.
Dust off those tuxedos and unearth those black satin elbow-length gloves for the wine industry's most frivolous escapade.

In the spirit of giving and in line with one of the wine industries most illustrious months for awards, has decided to have its very own achievement venture.

Not to be confused with Veritas or Michelangelo and definitely not to be taken too seriously, we at headquarters have, through our many years of working in the industry, decided upon the following winners who deserve praise and recognition for their efforts.

The Web Whiz award,
for the winery that uses effectively, goes to...
Rijks – in Tulbagh – plenty of Banner and Billboard changes..

The Gunslinger award,
for the fastest website development in the west, goes to...
Mount Vernon – which our developer blitzvinnige Yolande did in record time!

The Speedy Gonzales award for the most efficient client goes to...
Graham Beck

The YOLO "let's do something crazy" award goes to...
Origin wines in the tasting with 10 winemakers at their offices – the Video that Sheryl did.

The Earth, Wind & Fire award, for the winery that is actively 'green', goes to

The Barista award, for the best coffee served at a winery, goes to...

The Tipple award, for when a wine is so good you fall off your chair, goes to...
Judy's choice - Cederberg Ghost Corner Sauvignon Blanc
Shante's choice - Cederberg Shiraz 2010

The Tantalizing Tastes award, for the winery that most tickles the taste buds, goes to...
Morgenster’s freshly pressed olive oil, garlic and toast... heaven!

The Eagle-eye, for best use of Twitter for marketing and personal interaction, goes to...
Weltevrede's Steyn.

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