‘Give Me a Chance’

Tuesday, 6 August, 2013
The ‘Give Me a Chance’ Children’s Foundation was established in October 2004.  The Foundation was created in an effort to make a tangible contribution to South African society which would allow them to look back at the establishment of the organization as a turning point in their lives. As the foundation grew so did the need to expand to the wider Stellenbosch area.
‘Give Me a Chance’ was created as a scholarship fund which would adopt promising students from the Stellenbosch community and provide financial and moral support to help them achieve their goals. 
Learners from Kylemore Secondary, Stellenbosch Primary were chosen based on their academic and sporting abilities, as well as their outlook on life and aspirations for the future.
The Foundation works to help these children realise their dreams by raising funds for scholarship programs and establishing a network of strong role models to mentor these children. Not only do the learners receive the necessary support to achieve on academic and sport levels, but they also have the chance to fulfill previously unreachable dreams.  Funds raised through ‘Give Me a Chance’ go to the provision of school and hostel fees, school clothing, books, stationary, and sport equipment.  


The ultimate mission of the ‘Give Me a Chance’ Children’s Foundation is to create a new generation of socially active and positively contributing members of South African society.  The Foundation holds the philosophy that children, when given the opportunity, have the ability to help themselves to succeed, extricating them from financial dependence.  By investing in exceptional students, the ‘Give Me a Chance’ Foundation works to help these children realize their dreams and instills in them a moral responsibility to positively affect the lives of others.  

Through their efforts, the ‘Give Me a Chance’ Children’s Foundation seeks to promote an holistic solution to South Africa’s current plights of poverty and inequality through providing exceptional children with the ability to become financially sustainable and in turn become influential citizens in the New South Africa.

Ways to Support the “Give Me a Chance' Children’s Foundation”

•Contribute funds to finance a student’s school fees.
•Contribute funds to fill the educational needs as identified above.
•Provide funding for the Social Responsibility and Ethics Education Programs
•Sponsor a fundraising event
•Sponsor items to auction at fundraising events
•Sponsor uniforms and equipment for students
•Provide tertiary bursaries for students
•Become a mentor to a student
•Sign up to be a guest speaker at one of the social responsibility and life skills seminars
•Donate food
•Donate clothes
•Donate stationary, paint, glass for the windows, maintenance tools and equipment etc
•Give your time and hands to help with maintenance and restoration work.