Roses amongst thorns

Thursday, 1 August, 2013
We had our Big Daddy month in June, and now it's time to give the Women a turn to shine. But don't think this is a story of pink, frills and giggles, this is grafting and its hardest with our 3 chosen wineries all demonstrating that 'girl power' is all that.
Flat Roof Manor
Flat Roof Manor is an exciting new label to emerge from the premier wine-growing region of Stellenbosch, featuring two white and two red wines made in an accessible easy-drinking style by Estelle Lourens.
The label that depicts the detailing of the flat-topped roof also shows a cat that, according to popular local legend, stayed long after the original owners had moved on, to lap up the sun year after year. Estelle explains: “The elusive, resident cat is a legend around here so I thought it would be a good idea to make a range of wines that reflects the cat’s laid-back, unpretentious and quirky nature.”

Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon Wine Estate is a story of a family from Durban, KwaZulu Natal, who settled here a number of years ago for a change in lifestyle. That change brought a new sense of direction with Debbie Hooper becoming not only one of the few women wine makers in the Cape but also producing exceptional quality wines by virtue of their award winning status.
At Mount Vernon is all about 'Attention to Detail' starting with the grape all the way through to the bottle. The cellar produces a limited range of award winning boutique wines that are a result of its handcrafted status.
The Three Peaks range offers exceptional value and affordability.

The name Asara is derived from the names of the African gods of Earth, Sun and Sky – Astar, Asis & Asase – expressing the harmony in nature’s elements which is reflected in their range of wines.
The Estate is breath-taking and it's a one-stop-shop for everyone. The deli provides gorgeous macarons, fresh baked treats and amazing fudge. Zanzibar is lounge for all cigar and whisky lovers and their restaurant overlooks the vineyards and Helderberg mountains.
Asara played host to our 'Coming up Roses' event for female bloggers in the wine industry.
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