And the winner of our "Mother May I" competition is.....

Thursday, 30 May, 2013
The winner of a three course dinner and a flight of wine for two people at Azure restaurant, valid from May till 30th September 201 is......................
Anuschka Acensao

Sometimes one doesn’t realise how important a mother truly is. Sometimes one can become blind to the mundane tasks a mother does every single day of her life, like ironing, cleaning, and sweeping thinking it’s all part of the job. She does it day and day out, Oh but it doesn’t stop there, she ends off her days with a lovely home cooked meal and world’s encouragement for the day to follow. She is my organiser, my doctor, my care-giver, my shoulder to cry on, and my best friend. Everything she receives she gives, she makes sure that everyone is smiling around her even if she hasn’t got enough energy to smile herself. She hurts when we hurt, she cry’s when we cry and she always knows how to solve any problem brought forward to her. So for this I give her the title of the most selfless mother to ever walk the earth. When the world says “I want”, she says “How much?”

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