Fairhills Association; Healthcare project

Wednesday, 19 June, 2013
Fair Exchange
Fairhills Association is a joint venture between Origin Wine, Du Toitskloof Winery and its worker community.
Fairhills Association is an internationally accredited Fairtrade project established in 2005. The aims of the Fairhills Association is to generate an income that can be used to aid communities by way of developing life and educational skills. This in turn will enable them to get jobs. The Association also uses the money it makes to improve basic living conditions and provide cost efficient medical services to the Fairhills Community.

The concept of its Community Welfare Program relates to the eradicating of past unconstitutional regulations practiced by past government and sub-quality health and medical provision which have left farming communities with lasting negative problems and living conditions.

For the past 7 years since the Fairhills Association has been actively involved within the borders of Rawsonville and recently, through their partnership with Morrisons, saw one of their goals achieved. They have been working with Morrison's in the UK for the past year - via Fairtrade premiums on Fair Exchange wines - to raise money for a Medical Centre at their Fairhills Fairtrade project in Rawsonville. The centre was opened on the 13th May by Morrison's wine trading manager, Andrew Turner and the wine buyer for South Africa, Laura Sheen.

The work they do in Rawsonville is designed to permeate the 'lasting legacies' of harsher times such as substance abuse, domestic violence and poor health and nutrition. This they have done through the offering of numerous medical services and the increased attention and hours of medical nurses. The mobile health clinic and the center that Morrison's opened has further enabled support to people in the community. For one thing, medical nurses can now attend to people in their homes, eliminating long trips which have previously eaten into people's work and school time.

For more details, contact lise@originwine.co.za or visit their website www.fairhills.co.za