KWV strikes gold in the United States

Sunday, 12 May, 2013
KWV has returned to the spotlight, this time in the US – one of the world’s biggest and most competitive wine markets – where the company collected some of the highest awards at the annual Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) Convention in Orlando, Florida.
The accolades were presented during the 70th annual gathering of the WSWA, in a competition jointly orchestrated by Tasting Panel magazine, an international beverage industry publication.

WSWA is a national trade organization founded in 1943. It has over 350 member companies in 50 states and the District of Columbia who distribute more than70% of all wines and spirits sold at wholesale in the US.

“The awards are significant because the competition rates similarly priced wines of the same varietal,” says KWV US regional director David Salmon. “We have always focused on making wines of high quality and high value, and this performance indicates the success of this strategy.”

In addition, KWV produces wines for international palates, says KWV chief winemaker Richard Rowe. “As a South African based wine producer, exporting wines all around the globe, it is re-assuring to receive awards such as these.We are however particularly delighted to have received a Double Gold for our African Passion Chenin blanc a wine which sells in the US for $8.99 / bottleand serves to highlight the depth of quality in our total portfolio.”

KWV launched African Passion in the US earlier this year. As part of a unique partnership, some of the profits raised by the brand are contributed to the TransAfrica Forum, which is chaired by renowned Hollywood actor Danny Glover.Based in Washington, DC, TransAfrica promotes diversity and equity in foreign policy and justice in Africa. Glover, who now serves as spokesperson for African Passion wines, has been a long-time advocate for enhancing African rights and social justice, and is a UNICEF ambassador.


KWV has returned to the spotlight
KWV has returned to the spotlight

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