The Pebbles Project

Tuesday, 12 March, 2013
We are currently impacting on the lives of over 700 children, and have trained over 53 staff.
Pebbles doesn’t need much of an introduction, and I doubt we would be able to do the project justice either. An organization with Sophia Warner at the helm, it’s well structured, effective but most of all passionate about giving children a brighter future.

It was established in 2004 with the premise of offering support to children with special educational needs, “particularly those whose lives are affected by alcohol in some way, in the Western Cape of South Africa.”

With over 12 farms under the Pebbles umbrella, the commitment to benefiting the children is an ongoing process with a full range of different services offered by Pebbles. It is a joint effort between farms and Pebbles with requests for assistance with basic crèche teacher training and often, a huge need for resources.

Pebbles help in a hands-on manner by renovating crèches, training staff, providing activities at after school clubs, parent workshops and education trips. Other current projects include Early Childhood Development Centres, After- School Clubs, and a Toy Library.

With such a wide range of projects and their pledge to continually enhance the lives of disadvantaged children, it is vital that it gains support and funding.  There are plenty of ways to get involved or to give, please see website ………


Pebbles Project Trust
Pebbles Project Trust

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