Global importers queueing up to enter Winestars World Prowein 2013

Friday, 15 March, 2013
When brand-creators Ehrmanns, saw the Winestars action unfold at the LIWF in 2012, Buying Director Hugo Campbell, never envisaged that in less than a year, the Winestars World Platform would be helping launch his company’s brands into global markets.
Following interest from Free Run Wines, Awin Barwell Siegel and a number of other exciting UK importers, Winestars World has welcomed the addition of the Importers sector and for the first time will be allowing importers to enter Winestars World International Competition at ProWein 2013.

WSW, launching its third competition in just ten months, is a progression from the old ‘wine competition’ model, where wines are rated “blind” and based on wine quality. WSW recognizes that quality is not the only metric for success. Packaging, management, sourcing, winemaking strategy, pricing and overall marketing & business plan are the things that, when counted together, are reflected in the final wine quality. Without the foundation of a well-run business, good wine quality is often not sustainable. As a result, WSW judges entrants based upon their complete business model, not just their wine quality and uses the same methodology that real buyers use everyday to purchase wines.

WSW ProWein International Competition comprises eight global buying markets up for grabs: Russia, UK, USA, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, and Ireland.

‘’The idea of Winestars is an intriguing and refreshing new way to develop new markets especially export in regards to the up and coming event at Prowein.  Ehrmanns/Viniberia are keen to break into this new territory with our own brands and we are delighted that this route has the ability to give us the exposure and potential success we are looking for, “ says Hugo Campbell, Buying Director, Ehrmanns.


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