Falling for Wine

Friday, 9 November, 2012
Talia Baiocchi , Winespectator.com
If you ask a collector, a wine writer or a sommelier how they got into wine, the immediate inclination is to fish out an epiphany.
It often begins with a bottle of very expensive wine that someone slipped into their glass at a restaurant or a dinner party, or that time a bottle of Chave Hermitage made them see unicorns and hear Bach. Taste is certainly powerful enough to fuel a love of wine. But the choice to collect it or choose a career in it is about much more than that.

I myself never saw unicorns. I grew up around wine, but not great wine by any stretch. My parents drank it every day, and we had a wine cellar, but they never did like the concept of expensive wine, let alone expensive wine they couldn't drink for a decade or more. So they filled the cellar with sparkling water, and I drank more Perrier than any kid in town.

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