Two Oceans are giving a healthy life the high five

Thursday, 8 November, 2012
Shante Hutton at
Low in calories but high in 'fun' is a fitting description for the new Two Ocean's Quay 5 range of health-conscious beverages.
With an alcohol content of 5.5%, it comes onto the market amid a barrage of controversy. However, don’t let that make you stick your nose up as though you were a French Poodle. It has its place in the market, in fact, it’s going to fit perfectly in the newly allotted “I’m healthy Henk/Helen and though I’m not a big drinker because I’m watching my figure, I’d like a beverage in the context of wine that doesn’t give me a hangover or require me to be a boffin” category.

People’s desire with being healthy has catapulted over the last few decades ever-since the tirade of magazine articles, television documentaries and diet books told us we were doing everything wrong. At one point just by looking at chocolate you could contract diabetes; the sale of ‘super foods’ skyrocketed and people questioned what was going into their bodies. The wine industry retaliated by showing the World that there were good things to be gained from enjoying a glass of wine a night and now Two Oceans has gone further by cutting down the alcohol content in their Rose, White and Red grape liquors which means less headaches and carpet mouth and more 'hey, I remember having as really good time last night'. The drinks also have a lower calorie content and being made from grapes, they are high in antioxidants.

Some have raised themselves onto their high horse and dug in their heels squealing “low alcohol wine? How very dare they!” What they fail to realize though is that it’s not wine. Laws govern that wine has to be at least 6.5 per cent alcohol making the Quay 5 range not to be considered wines which is rather clever of Two oceans because they can respectively flip the 'V' at wine critics because it can’t be judged in the same capacity as wine. Instead, it must be looked as a ‘grape juice with a teeny tiny kick’.


Quay 5
Quay 5

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