Bordeaux 2012: Soft tannins and 'ripe fruit' potential say vignerons

Wednesday, 31 October, 2012
Jane Anson,
Bordeaux 2012 is a vintage with low, soft tannins and good fruit flavours, vignerons say – but a good deal of work is necessary in the winery to deliver that potential.
Almost all red grapes are now in Bordeaux cellars across both Left and Right banks – in some cases a little earlier than expected following last week’s rains.

The vintage is ‘close to 2000, which also started with difficult weather but saw a magnificent end of season,’ Hubert de Bouard, owner of Saint Emilion’s Chateau Angelus said.

‘But perhaps 2012 has just missed out on being exceptional, with rain falling a few days earlier than I would have liked. It will still be a very good vintage for those who have followed their vines closely through the growing season,’ he told

Jean-Baptiste Bourotte, of Clos de Clocher and Chateau Bonalgue in Pomerol, said the year had ‘potential’ for its low tannins and ripe fruit.


Bordeaux 2012.
Bordeaux 2012.

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