Westcorp claims stake for SA wine in USA

Thursday, 16 December, 2004
WineNews Editorial Team
Potentially major listing secured for Gôiya brand in gigantic US supermarket chain, Walmart.
West Coast wine producer and exporter, Westcorp International, recently secured a potentially major new product listing for it’s Gôiya brand in the United States of America. Westcorp this week confirmed two wines in its Gôiya range, the Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc blend and Shiraz, have successfully secured a test listing in 75 Walmart outlets in the state of Texas. Should the Gôiya wines perform to expectation during the trial period, the listing will be permanently extended to Walmart branches in 42 other American states, the so-called chain states. The immediate volume potential should the listing be extended is estimated at 10 sea freight containers or 120 000 9-litre cases per annum, says Fanie Augustyn, marketing manager at Westcorp International. 'The US market is notoriously hard to crack and we are thrilled that two years’ worth of intensive market research and hard work by our agent, Hemmingway & Hale, have paid off in a listing of this magnitude,' Augustyn says. The Gôiya packaging and wine style have been subtly adjusted for the US market based on the results of consumer research undertaken by Westcorp over the course of two years. Gôiya Kgeisje – a major player in the United Kingdom’s wine market for several years – was launched on home turf earlier this year and has since shown substantial growth locally. www.westcorp.co.za Information supplied by: Marlene Truter Communications Contact: Marlene Truter tel 083 294 6060 marlene@marlenetruter.co.za