Seven decades for Niel Joubert

Wednesday, 15 December, 2004
Charles Withington
...and a golden hat trick for his Shiraz. 2004 has been a good year for Niel Joubert – celebrating his 70th year with the best birthday present of all – three gold medals for his Niel Joubert Shiraz...
The scorecard reads as follows: Niel Joubert Shiraz 2002 - London International Wine Challenge Gold Medal . Out of 884 wines entered from 14 countries, Niel Joubert scooped one of the only 2 gold medals awarded for South African Shiraz. Scarcely two months later the same wine was accorded a Gold at the Michaelangelo Awards as was the 2003 Niel Joubert Shiraz. Three "Golds" in a row !! Much has been written about the different wine tasting competitions and “which is best”. Our philosophy on this is a simple one – we are now part of the global wine village and the more international and cosmopolitan a tasting panel, the more relevant it is. Over 80% of the judges at the Michaelangelo competition are international and close to 100% at the London International Wine Challenge. In good old rugby terminology this was not the Currie Cup victory, this was the World Cup league. Winemaker Erni Leicht has certainly made his mark with a record of consistency, not only with the Shiraz but with all the other Niel Joubert wines as well. A further cause for celebration for Oom Niel is the great success Niel Joubert wines are achieving internationally and particularly in the Irish Republic, where sales have multiplied fivefold in the last three years. Local sales have also grown dramatically, and in a very congested market. The local success of Niel Joubert has been ascribed to the wines that so clearly reflect the ethos of the Joubert family - no hype or dramatics, just driven by the aim of getting good wines into the market, and with hands-on hard work, all achieved at a fair price. They have a winery large enough to produce a meaningful quantity yet intimate enough to produce individual wines that reflect both varietal and terroir. Niel's 70th year was more widely and visibly celebrated with a re-designed label which you will now see on the shelves of the majority of leading retailers. Take a bow Oom Niel. By Charles Withington Phone/Fax +27 21 875 5413 Mobile +27 835 646 616 E-Mail :