Swartland adds a sparkle to Cape Town Opera

Wednesday, 8 December, 2004
HIPPO Communications
Swartland Winery has a passion for quality and produces some of the finest wines in South Africa. The winery also has a strong belief in the future of arts and culture and has already shown its commitment with sponsorships of young and upcoming singers linking them to their funky d’Vine label.
It comes as no surprise then that Swartland should be foremost in supporting Opera and seeing the link between its premium ranges and the premium events with which Cape Town Opera are synonymous. The new partnership announced between the opera company and the Winery for the upcoming production of Die Fledermaus reflects this and the wine of choice is the Swartland excellent Sparkling range. Enhanced by a gentle sip of Swartland Cuvee Brut or Demi Sec at this occasion of soaring voices and extraordinary talent will turn each performance into an even more special occasion. But the wines are perfect for all those special events in one’s life – whether it be celebrating a wedding, birthday or new arrival or simply taking time out to pamper yourself – the Swartland Sparkling wine fits into your lifestyle neatly and with panache. This delicious range of carbonated sparkling wine is presented as a Cuvee Brut (extra dry) which is a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc with a fresh “crackling” sensation, a hay flavour complemented by green, grassy overtones and fullness in the after taste. The wine is made in the same method as all the other Sauvignon Blanc wines and then selected from the Sauvignon Blanc pool with specific characteristics. The Demi Sec, (semi sweet) a blend of Chenin Blanc and Bukettraube offers an elegant Muscat flavour with an undertone of green peppers. The Sauvignon Blanc and the Bukettraube vineyards are situated on the best vineyard soil in the area. Southern slopes and higher altitudes are used to lower the average daily temperatures to bring out the best of these sensitive noble varietals. Both are sensitive to moist stress during the ripening and thus cultivated on deep, red Hutton-rype soils with good moist retention properties. The wines are carbonated and the base-.wines are made separately and carefully selected for these products. In this winter rainfall area the cultivation of unirrigated bush vine grapes with low yields and highly concentrated small berries makes for splendidly flavourful wines - the sparkling range is no exception and enjoys these characteristics. Bubbles burst on the tongue as the flavour develops and creates a mood of celebration and occasion. A fitting match to the world of the arts. Caption: Toasting the partnership! Sonjia Diedericks, Cape Town Opera, Marius Kotze, Swartland, Jannie Moolman (CTO), Zanne Stapelberg (CTO), George Neveling (Swartland), Hetta Saunderson (Swartland). Issued by HIPPO Communications: On behalf of Swartland Winery For further information please contact : Beryl Eichenberger 021 556 8200 / hipzone@mweb.co.za Suzaan Conradie 022 482 1134 / suzaan@swwines.co.za Visit : www.swwines.co.za