Woolworths launches SA's only sulphur dioxide free still wine

Friday, 22 October, 2004
Magna Carta
Woolworths has notched up another first on its Good Food Journey with the launch of an organic Chenin Blanc wine that has no added sulphur dioxide.

This is particularly good news for those wine lovers who experience sulphur dioxide or sulphite hypersensitivity.

The Woolworths 'No Added Sulphur Dioxide' Organic Chenin Blanc 2004 has been officially tested by the South African Wine and Spirit's Board, and declared 'sulphur dioxide free', which means that naturally occurring sulphites tested as less than 10 parts per million.

Sulphur dioxide (SO2) is used in the wine-making process as a preservative that prevents oxidation.  While there are no studies that can attest to the prevalence of SO2 or sulphite hypersensitivity in the general South African population, research has shown that at least 45% of asthmatic children are affected and International studies have reported that more than10% of asthmatic adults are adversely affected. SO2 and sulphite hypersensitivity can induce asthma attacks, skin and hayfever reactions.  

"The availability of a wine with no added sulphur is important in two regards," says Dr Harris Steinman of FACTS, "It's obviously fantastic for people who are asthmatics and enjoy wine.  But here Woolworths is also providing a wine option for people who want to avoid preservatives."

Allan Mullins, Woolworths Cape Wine Master and Dudley Wilson Winemaker of Stellar Winery have meticulously produced this 2004 Chenin Blanc without the addition of SO2.   It is an organic wine certified by Skal International, so no pesticides or chemicals were used in the vineyards and in the cellar, the wine has been specially handled in naturallysterilised tanks.  The Woolworths No Added Sulphur Dioxide Organic Chenin Blanc 2004 must be consumed before the Best Before Date, 28/2/2005.

'We've planned this no added sulphur dioxide (or no added sulphite) wine for this season to give wine-lovers a choice with regard to preservatives," comments Allan Mullins. "We know that a lot of our Woolworths customers want to avoid SO2, and it's an important part of the Good Food Journey to also offer them an easy drinking wine alternative."

With its delightful peach and melon flavours, a fine balance of fruit and acidity, the Woolworths No Added Sulphur Dioxide Organic Chenin Blanc 2004 is an excellent party and summer picnic wine.  It is also at its best, served chilled with seafood and pastas.  

Available at selected Woolworths stores and affordably priced at R19.95.

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