SASEV to host Joint International Conference on Viticultural Zoning in South Africa in November

Monday, 14 June, 2004
Melinda van der Ryst
Theme of 'Meeting zoning requirements from a terroir and grapevine perspective' presented over four days.

Eight international experts (from France, Italy, Germany and Brazil) on terroir and vineyard zoning have been invited as keynote speakers to the Joint International Conference on Viticultural Zoning which will take place from 15 – 19 November in Cape Town. The conference will be hosted by the South African Society for Enology and Viticulture (SASEV), under the auspices of the Terroir Zoning Group and the GESCO Group of the OIV.

It is the first time that a conference of this nature is being presented in South Africa and delegates from more than 12 countries have already registered for this event. According to Dr. Ilse Trautmann, Conference Chairman and Vice-President of SASEV, this conference will be a showcase for the South African wine industry, where delegates will not only experience the unique characteristics (for example soil and climate) of our wine areas, but where they will also meet our own experts on this very important topic. Mr. Christian Asselin, President of the Terroir Zoning Group of the OIV, will also take part in the programme of the conference.

The theme of the conference is 'Meeting zoning requirements from a terroir and grapevine perspective' and includes four days of scientific presentations. A number of topics in subtheme format will be presented and will include the following: a worldwine perspective on zoning, methodological approach to zoning, practical application of zoning, the role of climate/soil of different zones/terroirs on grape characteristics, the role of trellising system and canopy size /exposure in zone/terroir expression, the role of harvesting time/optimal ripeness in zone/terroir expression and the role of ecophysiology and mechanisation in zone/terroir expression.

On Wednesday 17 November, a technical tour with the theme 'Evolution from heritage to development' will take delegates to specific areas in the Western Cape. The conference will be concluded on Friday 19 November with topics related to terroir and will include contributions from local experts. The theme of this day will be 'Analytical tools for optimising grape and wine quality'.

The full conference package will include all lunches, refreshments, social activities in the evenings, the technical tour, a dinner/dance event, as well as the conference book and proceedings in CD format. Special day packages have been designed for South African delegates.

Interested persons should contact Melinda van der Ryst at the office of SASEV for more information and registration forms.
Tel: 021-8093123
Fax 021-8896335 or

The closing date for registration is 15 July 2004.