Riebeek Cellars launch special olive festival wines

Wednesday, 26 May, 2004
Karin Smit
Olivia, enough to make any wine and olive lover drool
Riebeek Cellars have just launched two special festival wines at the fourth Riebeek Valley Olive Festival.

The festival white (Chenin Blanc 2004) and Festival red (Cinsaut Pintage blend), known as Olivia wines, are available directly from the cellar at R17 for the white and R20.35 for the red. A painting by Susan Kemp inspired the label portraying Olivia, mother of Bacchus.

A buxom, full-breasted Olivia, surrounded by opulent bunches of black grapes, clutches a bowl with fat juicy olives on her lap, enough to make any wine and olive lover drool. This painting was Kemp's winning entry for the 2003 art competition presented jointly by Riebeek Cellars and ARTorchard.

Riebeek Cellars had this piece of art converted into a jolly, yet stylish, label that not only depicts the compatibility between wine and olives, but also personifies the spirit of the olive festival. This year Riebeek Cellars and ARTorchard presented the art competition for the second consecutive year and once again, Susan Kemp showed her mettle. Her paper figure, O'lyfie, was crowned the winner.

The entries for the 2004 art competition can be viewed at Riebeek Cellars for the duration of May. Cellar master, Zakkie Bester, says they are still racking their brains to decide how this year's winning entry will be used. However, filling an O'lyfie with wine is not an option, at least not at this stage, is Bester's opinion. 

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