Cape Wine Academy Olive Oil Course

Tuesday, 18 May, 2004
Melanie Cook
The Cape Wine Academy is branching out into Olive Oil!
In July 2004 we launch our Olive Oil course in Durbanville, Cape Town. The course was developed in conjunction with Reni Hildebrand, co-author of the book Olives and Oils in South Africa. After publishing Olives and Oils in South Africa, Reni approached the Cape Wine Academy in response to requests from interested readers for a practical course on Olive Oils, and how to use them on a daily basis.

The course, consisting of three lectures and an exam, covers the history of olive oil, and how it came to South Africa; the harvesting of the olives, and the production of olive oil. Each lecture includes an olive oil tasting. Like wine tasting, olive oil tasting is a skill which can easily be learnt.

Unlike wine tasting, one starts with the aroma of the oil, then tastes it, and lastly comments on its colour. One looks for positive taste attributes of fruitiness, bitterness, and pungency. Age, too, is important : in olive oil the freshness of the most recent vintage is highly prized.

The course helps answer such questions as :
· How do Italian and South African olive oils differ?
· What is the difference between Virgin, Extra Virgin and Cold Pressed olive oil

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