Wolvendrift Private Cellar

Tuesday, 11 May, 2004
Wolvendrift Private Cellar
A farm where the art of winemaking is a proud family tradition
On the luscious banks of the Breede River lies a farm where the art of winemaking is a proud family tradition.

Wolvendrift – the mystery around the name is as old as the picturesque mountains surrounding the farm – has been the Klue family for more than 100 years and the love and devotion to the noblest art of all, that of blending a special wine, has been carried over from father to son for four generations.

The cellar has been producing under its own label since 2002 and the very first wine, a Sauvignon Blanc/Colombar, was awarded bronze at the prestigious Veritas awards. That was the beginning of great things to come for Michael and Jan Klue, the winning father-and-son team of Wolvendrift.

In 2003 their Sauvignon Blanc received yet another bronze Veritas award, while farm’s Chardonnay was awarded bronze at the Young Wine Show. The aromatic Red Muscadel received a silver award at the Young Wine Show and bronze at Veritas. Wine tasting at Wolvendrift is as unique and unforgettable experience.

Bring the whole family and while adults taste the much adored wines, the children can go fishing or mountain biking. See the passion and joy that goes into the winemaking process for yourself during the interesting cellar tours that are conducted. End the day with an arranged picnic basket on the Kikuyu grass on the riverbank.

Wolvendrift is a paradise for the bird lover. The fish eagle is one of the many often spotted birds on the farm. At present the Wolvendrift range included a much enjoyed Sauvignon Blanc, a spicy Chardonnay and the award winning Red Muscadel. Another renowned wine is peculiar to Wolvendrift is called Red Wolf. This wine is a 50/50 blend of Cabernet and Merlot and is wooded for seven months.

Trading hours are 08h30 to 17h30 on weekdays and 10h00 to 14h00 on Saturdays.

Wolvendrift Private Cellar
Contact: Michelle to arrange your picnic basket
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