Two unusual visitors join us in the tasting room

Thursday, 4 March, 2004
Marlise Truter
Two new arrivals on Mooiplaas

We have two new arrivals on Mooiplaas ... ducklings who joined us around three weeks ago and have become regulars in the tasting room. Name them, and you could win a case of our Sauvignon Blanc 2003, send Marlise an email.

Calling all Tasting Clubs
Our last tasting was in October 2003 for the Muizenbibers – a group that has been going for eleven years already. Marlise Truter and Louis Roos presented our whole range at the West Lake Golf Club, Lakeside – their usual meeting place. We tried to take along a typical leaf of each cultivar tasted, to demonstrate the unique characteristics of each (it was quite difficult to find a mature leaf because of the slow growing of the season).

We also present tastings to show the combination of wine and food, which certainly is the most interesting way of doing a tasting. What could be more enjoyable than to spend an evening with interesting wines and dishes and with your friends? The last of these gourmet evenings was held at Café Delvera outside Stellenbosch, also in October last year. It was a delightful evening on Delvera's patio that started with a glass of Mooiplaas Pinotage 2001. I was surprised at how well the fresh strawberries complimented the Pinotage, but the proof was in the tasting!

If there are any tasting groups that would like to join us for a tasting evening, or would like us to present a tasting of the Mooiplaas range for them, contact Marlise at Mooiplaas to arrange a suitable date.

Tasting in style - it's all in the glass
Wine is a way of living and therefore should be served in glasses designed to enhance your tasting experience. With this in mind we decided to make your visit to us unforgettable by offering our wines in Spiegelau glasses. These thin and delicate crystal glasses, imported from Germany, are specially designed to ensure that the full fragrance and aromas unfold and are carried to the nose and palate in its most concentrated form. Everything about this glass just feels right. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s beautiful! But best of all – the difference it makes to tasting wine: exquisite!

Come and enjoy this luxury at our tasting room.

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