A snapshot of wine tastes

Monday, 26 January, 2004
Wayne Lowe
Shibumi @ Waterfront World of Wine
2004 is here with a vengeance and we are enjoying what is turning into a really hot summer. Clearly the weather influences people’s wine drinking patterns. At Waterfront World of Wine at the V & A Clocktower we noticed the following interesting statistics in December:

· December wine sales by the bottle were 90% white
· Of glasses of wine sold per day 21% were red with the first seven positions taken up by white wines
· Wine tasting packages are popular – we served hundreds during the month the most popular of which was the Premium Selection Quay 5 which consists of Devon Hill Sauvignon Blanc, De Wetshof Chardonnay, Ken Forrester Chenin Blanc, Rijks Chardonnay and Fleur du Cap Semillon
· Next most popular was the Duncan Dock selection which includes Brampton Sauvignon Blanc, De Wetshof Chardonnay, Great Little White, Fleur du Cap Semillon, Vergelegen Vin de Florence.

How’s that for a snapshot of wine tastes? Reds are not to be ignored though - of individual tasting wines half from the selection of 20 tasting wines were red.

Shibumi, the restaurant at Waterfront World of Wine also introduced its hot cuisine menus this month and the speciality is tuna and salmon steaks all to be enjoyed with a selection of 450 local wines, 100 imported wines and 20 wines by the glass.

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