Brampton takes to the skies in screw cap

Tuesday, 13 January, 2004
Jacky McClean
Trials and experiments have vindicated the screw cap
Brampton Sauvignon Blanc 2003 has been included on South African Airways’ 2004 wine list for business and first class on board all their flights. The wine was placed first out of 91 Sauvignon Blancs by the selection panel.

The Brampton Sauvignon Blanc is bottled with a screw cap as Brampton Wines have been experimenting with both natural cork and screw caps and have found that their trials and experiments have vindicated the screw cap.

According to Don Ball of distributors The Really Great Brand Company, industry figures have indicated that between 2-8% of all wines show cork taint, which tastes and smells unpleasant. TCA or 2,4,6-trichloroanisole is formed by the interaction between some corks and the wine and severely affects the flavour and aroma of aromatic white wines. Poor quality corks can even leak and cause the wine to oxidise.

‘We want the consumer to be able to enjoy superior wines such as the Brampton Sauvignon Blanc with its delicate expression of pure varietal fruit. Screw caps are high quality closures and have been used with great success in top selling and award-winning local and international wines. Wines in screw caps will mature, as there is air in the headspace and bottles can now be stored upright,’ mentions Ball.

Brampton Sauvignon Blanc is available at leading liquor stores and retails from R32.

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