#WINEFORGOOD: DGB ensures Doringbaai Soccer Club is kitted out to win

Monday, 12 February, 2024
DGB, the premium wine distributor, importer and producer, has donated new kits and equipment for Doringbaai’s U11 and U13 soccer players.

Since the acquisition of Fryer's Cove, DGB has been committed to supporting the local West Coast community where it is situated.

It’s a vision aligned with their company-wide ethos which ensures the work they do creates substantive growth and economic well-being for South Africans in the environment and industry in which they operate, all while building brands with unrivalled passion.

From skills development of both employed workers and unemployed learners, to procurement through accredited local suppliers, enterprise and supplier development, and several sustainability projects, DGB strive to make South Africa a better place at every opportunity.

So, it was only natural that when DGB heard that the U11 and U13 budding soccer stars at Doringbaai Soccer Club – the small town near their Fryer’s Cove winery – were in need of kit and new equipment, they took on the responsibility of sponsoring them.

Vice-chairman of the club, Timotius Cloete, who has been involved with the club for the last 32 years, says this is the first time since he’s been there that the children have received donations from sponsors.

While head coach Brondon Cockrell is very excited about the talent in these two young teams, and he believes that the new kits and equipment will motivate the children to train harder.

The donations were presented at Doringbaai Soccer Club on 2 November 2023 at a ceremony attended by councilor Amelia Job – who donated additional balls to the team – as well as Jan van Zyl, from Fryer's Cove who did the handover on behalf of DGB.

Speaking to the children Van Zyl said, “It's a great privilege for the children to receive their new kit but it's also a great privilege for DGB to be able to give it to them, and that from now on he hopes to see the teams win all their matches, because together they are a winning team.”

This is just one of many community-driven initiatives which DGB is involved in. It's a heart-warming testament to their dedication to uplift the local communities around the farms and wineries with which they work.