Tiny Keg Can Co. welcomes Richard Rushton, former Distell Group CEO, as strategic investment partner and board member

Tuesday, 21 November, 2023
Murray Slater
Tiny Keg Can Co. is pleased to announce a significant milestone in its growth journey with a strategic investment from industry veteran Richard Rushton.

Tiny Keg Can Co., the innovative Cape Town-based beverage canner, is pleased to announce a significant milestone in its growth journey. The company has secured a strategic investment from industry veteran Richard Rushton, the former Group CEO at Distell, who will also be joining Tiny Keg's board of directors. Rushton's extensive experience and strategic insights are expected to propel Tiny Keg Can Co. into a new period of growth and success.

This strategic partnership comes at a pivotal moment for www.tinykeg.com, a company renowned for its commitment to innovation, quality and flexibility in the beverage industry. Richard Rushton's investment will be instrumental in enhancing production efficiencies, reducing unit costs, and advancing Tiny Keg's mission to democratise the beverage industry, by breaking down barriers to entry and fostering innovation through bespoke packaging services.

Richard Rushton’s vision and alignment with Tiny Keg's mission

Richard Rushton's decision to invest in Tiny Keg Can Co. underscores his alignment with the company's core values and mission.

"I am thrilled to extend my support to Tom and The Tiny Keg Can Co team in their pioneering journey to revolutionise can packaging. In an impressively brief period, they've crafted a tailored, top-tier offering rooted in unwavering dedication to quality and service. I am confident that their steadfast commitment will pave the way for the company's enduring vision – nurturing the growth ambitions of numerous forward-thinking brands that recognize the strategic significance of cans in their product offerings," says Rushton.

"We are excited to welcome Richard Rushton to the Tiny Keg Can Co. team," said Tom Riley, Founder and Managing Director at Tiny Keg Can Co. "His expertise and passion for our mission will undoubtedly drive us to new heights. With Richard on board, we are confident in our ability to continue innovating, providing exceptional quality, and reshaping the beverage industry."

Tiny Keg boasts an 1800m² customs-bonded, FSSC 22000, SAWIS & IPW, WIETA certified production facility equipped to handle a vast array of different liquids. The facility houses a reverse osmosis water filtration plant and de-aerated water (DAW) system, cooling and carbonation capabilities, a top-of-the-line sleeve applicator for sophisticated can decoration, and a provision for short-term storage and container loading. It is specifically designed for efficient liquid intake, processing, and packaging. 

In less than five years, Tiny Keg has filled and seamed over 12 million cans, cultivating successful relationships with a broad range of clients, from start-up brand builders to multinational beverage companies.

Tiny Keg Can Co. looks forward to an exciting future with Richard Rushton as a key partner and board member.

For further information about Tiny Keg Can Co. and its ground-breaking initiatives, please visit www.tinykeg.com.

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Richard Rushton
Richard Rushton

Tom Riley
Tom Riley

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