Cap Classique Producers Association celebrates legislative milestone in South African wine industry

Wednesday, 25 October, 2023
Cap Classique Association
The Cap Classique Producers Association (CCPA) is pleased to announce a significant development in South African legislation governing the production of Cap Classique.

In line with the new positioning statement, "Perfected by Time," the CCPA has successfully lobbied for amendments to the law that will elevate the quality and reputation of Cap Classique wines in the global market.

Effective with the 2023 vintage, South African legislation now mandates that all wines destined for Cap Classique status must spend a minimum of 12 months on the lees. This landmark change recognizes the dedication and investment that producers commit to achieving higher quality Cap Classique wines.

Pieter Ferreira, chairperson of the Cap Classique Producers Association, commented on the significance of this development, saying, "This is an important differentiator because it recognizes the additional investment producers make in pursuit of higher quality. South African Cap Classique is internationally recognized for its quality precisely because of the strict regulation that governs its production, but also as a result of the investment wineries make to push the envelope. These new changes to the legislation acknowledge those efforts."

Cap Classique wines are renowned for their meticulous production process, where the wine remains in the same bottle from start to finish. This unique method allows bubbles to develop naturally through a second fermentation. The extended period of contact with lees, consisting of yeast and grape particles, imparts complexity, finesse, and elegance to the aroma and flavour profile. Producing a single bottle of Cap Classique now requires a minimum of twelve months, resulting in a product of exceptional quality.

Cap Classique wines typically command higher prices compared to standard sparkling wines, which use mechanical methods to introduce carbonation with CO2 gas. The specially designed Cap Classique bottle can withstand the pressure generated during fermentation, further underscoring its premium status.

Ferreira added, "Many consumers do not know the difference between sparkling wines and Cap Classique. Our new positioning allows us the opportunity to market time as a key differentiator to other sparkling wines. Through a combined effort, we would like to see the Cap Classique category, name, and logo being recognized as a premium offering synonymous with top quality."

For more information about Cap Classique wines and the CCPA, please visit or contact Stay connected with the CCPA on Facebook and Instagram.

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Pieter Ferreira
Pieter Ferreira

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