National Wine Challenge / Top 100 SA Wine Results 2022

Wednesday, 1 June, 2022
Award results for Top 100 Double Platinum winners. Information will be provided on special awards (Consistency, Grand Cru Best in Class, as well as White, Red, Bubbly, and Fortified/Sweet Wines of the Year) on 6 June and then Double Gold winners on 8 June.

The premier fine-wine-only wine competition in SA, the National Wine Challenge, incorporating Top 100 SA Wines, launches the industry’s first set of key results for 2022.
A strong line up of substantially more than six hundred fine wine entries made for the most competitive challenge this year.  The wine quality was excellent and organizers and judges were well-pleased with this result.  Traction is loud and clear.  Winning wines in all categories faced tough challenges and they fought hard.  All of this makes for a compelling case, for wine lovers to now seek out these winners, the cream of the SA crop.  Vineyards with winning positions can now use their awards, to assist and endorse their own promotion and sales programmes, positioning their fine wines throughout 2022, well ahead of the pack.

Summary of results

White wines results

Overall, white wines gained a total of 26 podium wins.  This is quite markedly lower than previous results and over 10% less than in 2021.  Having said that, Chenin Blanc was back on a roll scooping up 9 wins.  Chardonnay managed a solid performance gaining 6 wins.  Sauvignon Blanc struggled a bit, being next in line with 4 wins.  Bordeaux Blends managed 2 wins.  Unusual blends gained a single winning wine as did a total of 4 less common cultivars which included Riesling, Roussanne, Verdelho and Viognier.  
Overall, the regions that produced most winning wines included Stellenbosch and Paarl with 6 wins each and Elgin with 4 wins.
The ‘Top 10’ highest scoring white wines overall (in fact ‘top 9’, as the next band was too large to include given the limited overall white wine wins) were a single top performer followed by 8 equal scoring wines. By category this included single wins each for Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Bordeaux Blends, Sauvignon Blanc, Unusual Blends, Roussanne, Riesling, Verdelho and Viognier.
Regionally for the ‘Top 9’ winning white wines, Elgin gained 2 winning wines, as did Paarl. Simondium also managed 2 wins, with Somerset West, Stellenbosch and Worcester gaining single wins each.

Red wines

The red wine category did very well indeed in 2022.  A total of 62 winning wines found favour with judges and gained Top 100 podium positions.  Cabernet claimed pole position with 13 wins, ousting Shiraz this year.  This was followed by a stellar showing from Pinotage, which gained 10 wins.  Bordeaux Blends managed to total up 9 wins. Shiraz cracked 6 wins.  Then Cape Blends, Rhone Blends and Other Red Blends gained 4 wins each.  Merlot managed 3 wins while Grenache gained 2 wins.  Single wins each were recorded for  Cabernet Franc, Cinsault Mourvedre, Nebbiolo, Petit Syrah, Petit Verdot and Pinot Noir.
Overall, the regions that produced most winning wines included Stellenbosch with 11 wins, Paarl with 10 wins, Robertson with 7 wins and Worcester with 6 wins.  

The ‘Top 10’ (or ‘Top19’ in this case, due to tied scores) red wines included a strong showing from Pinotage with 3 wins, followed by Cabernet and Grenache with 2 wins each. Single wines went to Bordeaux Blends, Cabernet Franc, Cape Blends, Cinsault, Merlot, Mourvedre, Nebbiolo, Unusual Blends, Petit Syrah, Petit Verdot, Pinot Noir, and Rhone Blends. 

Regionally for the Top 19 red wines, Paarl and Stellenbosch both dominated with 5 wines each.  Somerset West gained 2 wins.  Single wins were recorded by Elgin, Rawsonville, Robertson, Simondium, Tulbagh, Wellington and Worcester.

Rosé wines

Finally breaking the past 5-year run of a single winner, this year saw two rosé wines convincing the panels, cracking all-important nods for Top 100 awards. 

Cap classiques and sparkling wines

This was once again a successful year for MCC.  Up on last year, a total of nine wins underpinned excellent wine-making progress. Interestingly, only a single rosé gained a win with all other winners being Brut or Blanc de Blanc wines.  Robertson excelled, gaining a record-breaking 7 wins, while Stellenbosch and Western Cape each gained a single win.

Natural sweet wines

This category managed a credible set of victories with three fine examples gaining a podium position.  Constantia, Elgin and Paarl all featured. 

Fortified wines

A total of four wins were gained in this category.  Included were two Muscadels, plus a single Hanepoot and single Jerepigo.  Worcester gained two victories and Rawsonville and Robertson gained one position each.

Port style wines

There were just two compelling wins in this category, a Vintage Reserve and a Cape Tawny both from the Calitzdorp region.

Vintages – white wines

For the broader white wine category including sweet and rosé wines, vintages 2017 and 2018 enjoyed single wins, 2019 had  two wins, vintage 2020 gained ten wins while 2021 gained 14 wins.  Cultivars per vintage were evenly spread.   

Vintages – red wines

The red wine category enjoyed twenty two wins from vintage 2020, twenty five wins from vintage 2019, nine wins from vintage 2018, five wins from vintage 2017 and a single win from vintage 2015.  Much as for the white wines, cultivars for red wines were spread evenly throughout the vintages above, although Cabernet was well represented within the older vintages, much as would be expected.

Vintages - Cap classique wines

Vintage 2017 was the dominant year for vintage MCC with vintages 2012, 2015 and 2016 gaining solitary wins, while NV gained two wins.

Scores and top wine quality

The winning wines in the 2022 Top 100 results, those that achieved Double Platinum/Top 100 status awards, won scores of between 91/100 and 96/100.   This is similar to the score bands in  the 2021 NWC event and slightly lower than the average of the proceeding three years.  Most of the winning wines gained scores between the bands of  91/100 to 93/100, with results  spread fairly evenly.   As should be expected, a smaller  number of wines gained 94/100 and 95/100.  A handful of exceptional wines achieved 96/100. The 2022 set of results reinforces the well-earned international view that now-steady incremental improvements are to be found consistently across wine styles, cultivars and regions throughout the Western Cape.  SA fine wine remains well-recognised after years of strong performance. It yields an enticing array of smart examples across most cultivars and blends, often at compellingly reasonable prices. 

Highest 13 scores for white wines including cap classique, sweet and rosé

  • One Elgin Sauvignon Blanc
  • Two Robertson MCCs
  • One Worcester White Blend
  • One Paarl Chenin Blanc
  • One Somerset West Bordeaux Blend
  • One Constantia Natural Sweet
  • One Wellington Rosé
  • One Simondium Roussanne
  • One Paarl Viognier
  • One Stellenbosch Verdelho
  • One Simondium Riesling
  • One Elgin Chardonnay

Highest 11 scores for red wines including fortified and port

  • One Somerset West Cape Blend
  • Two Calitzdorp Ports
  • One Simondium Cabernet Sauvignon
  • One Simondium Pinotage
  • One Stellenbosch Pinotage
  • One Paarl Shiraz
  • One Worcester Red Blend
  • One Worcester Fortified
  • One Paarl Pinotage
  • One Stellenbosch Cabernet Sauvignon

Statistics and ratio of entries, to wins

Red wines accounted for 57% of total entries, a small increase on 2021. White wines representing 30% of total entries which is marginally lower than in last year’s NWC. Rosé wines accounted for around 4%, a big jump up on 2021. MCC was very similar to last year at  6% of total entries.  The sweet/fortified/port category shrank (again) to just under 4% of entered wines.
Firstly, we look at the percentage of winners by category, against all  wines entered:  Just 9% of the high quality red wine entries gained Top 100 status this year.  This is a considerably lesser percentage than in 2021. White wine Top 100 winners enjoyed a winning ratio of approximately 3.8% for a similar winning status.  Again, this is down on the 2021 results comparison. 1.2% of MCC’s entered gained Top 100 status.  Just 1.3% of Sweet, Fortified and Port wines were awarded Top 100 status while rosé Top 100 wines achieved 0.3%.

Secondly, we looked at the winners by cultivar or blend, expressed as a percentage of entries for that cultivar or blend:  8% of Shiraz wines entered gained a Top 100 position.  Merlot averaged 9%, Bordeaux Blends 16%, Pinotage 20% and Cabernet gave the top performance with 27% of wines entered gaining a top slot.  As for the white wines, just 8% of the Sauvignon Blanc entered gained a Top 100 win.  12% of Chardonnay got through, 16% of Chenin Blanc were winners, with the top performance coming from the category of white Bordeaux Blends which gained a 28% success ratio.

Robin von Holdt reviews the 2022 National Wine Challenge (NWC), now in its 12th successful year:

“We are delighted to present the 2022 NWC sets of excellent results.  They are a cause for celebration and delight!  This leading event for fine wines and first in the year to release key sets of results is now inits12thsuccessfulyear.  With so many of SA’s leading as well as emerging vineyards offering their strong and positive levels of commitment and support, our gratitude and thanks run deep. It is an absolute pleasure, so exciting and rewarding, to work with these talented individuals and teams who themselves are at the forefront of our industry.

The approach and standards that our professional team applies to support and promote SA fine-wine through the National Wine Challenge remains steadfast. Positive recognition, acknowledgement and support continues. Advantageous commercial gains and brand enhancement opportunities are well entrenched.  Wineries compete for the acclaimed array of long-standing awards. Industry and public recognition of the top-level performances achieved by winners provides critical independent credibility. The results influence directly decisions around listings, enhanced shelf space and additional sales.
International critics continue with their support as SA fine-wine quality steadily ascends.  Worldwide, competitive wine producing nations are also forging ahead with finer quality and good commentary. Skirmishes continue and the battle, if one can call it that, can never be won. There are so many solid reasons to be proud: Clonal selection, accurate planting, vineyard practices, harvest timing and skills, all contribute to the production of better fruit. While in the cellar, gentler pressing and extraction, hygiene factors, barrel selection and oak regimes continue enhancing and fine-tuning improvements. When these are all taken very seriously and smart associated decisions are made, then the resulting wines offer a harmonious balance of elegance, structure and complexity – the hallmarks generally of fine wine.  
Given tough economic times it is fortunate that our wine industry culture is resilient. Complacency has no role. The commitment to hard work and exceptionally long hours, often faced with enthusiasm and humour are very much a part of ‘how we do things’, helping to sustain and secure the industry and underpin its fine, hard-earned, reputation.  
SA’s fine wines should be praised and indeed shouted out at all opportunities and in all situations. The 2022 Top 100 winning wines more so than ever before. They deserve total and full support and they deserve your support.  A remarkable collection of pedigreed winners, every last one of them!

The strong set of results in 2022 showcase a diverse portfolio of remarkable SA wines.  Wine makers know how difficult it is to win a Top 100 podium award. This does not change, with this nut being as tough as ever to crack.    New vineyards and new wines were again entered into the 2022 NWC for the first time.  These additional fine wine entries simply make it that much harder to achieve the recognition that this very special win commands, from peers and consumers alike.
The judging disciplines and protocols, the quality of judges themselves and the performance of the panels, together with rigorous audit procedures, sets the standard and is the accepted benchmark that others follow. We offer our definitive and warm thanks as ever to all of our many supporters. Special congratulations of course go to all 2022 winners.”

Double platinum / Top 100 winners 2022

The following vineyards were major winners in the 2022 National Wine Challenge/Top 100:

Twelve vineyards gained 2 victories each.

Twenty three vineyards gained 1 victory each.

A full list of the winning wines is available at the end of the article. 

Winners share their comments

Van Loveren Family Vineyards (7)

Chris Crafford, winemaker: “We could not be more overjoyed to be awarded seven wines in the Top 100/Double platinum Awards. These awards show the effort of our winemaking team and the quality across our whole range of wines. We celebrate the success and effort of the whole team in achieving these awards”

Alvi's Drift Private Cellar (6)

Dr Alvi van der Merwe, winemaker and owner: "Having 6 of our wines awarded double platinum status this year is a great honour and testimony to our team’s dedication to excellence in all that they do. We are immensely proud of the team and this achievement, and we thank Robin and the team and NWC Top100 for their continued contributions to this industry through their commitment, consistency, and excellence."

Fairview Wines (5)

Anthony de Jager, winemaker: "We are honoured to have 5 wines with the top 100 wines from different terroirs and regions which showcase our diversity."

Flagstone Winery (5)

Gerhard Swart, winemaker: “We are elated to follow onto last year’s success with another 5 Double Platinum awards across our wide range of wines produced here at Flagstone.”

Perdeberg Wines (5)

Albertus Louw, cellarmaster and production manager of Perdeberg Group: “Perdeberg did exceptionally well because it makes exceptional wines from dry land vineyards.  The fact that we received accolades from our popular Classic Collection, through to the Vineyard Collection Premium and The Dry Land Collection Super Premium ranges confirms the influence of the unirrigated vines with small berries with concentrated fruit and deep colours, at all levels. It is no surprise, yet immensely satisfying when it is recognised by the experts! We all know Mother Nature produces her best fruit under challenging conditions! Add 80 years of history and the wine team’s expertise and you are bound to be offering great wines for every consumer palate”.

Graham Beck (4)

Pierre de Klerk, cellarmaster: “When it comes to crafting Cap Classique, consistency is key. It is about the daily minor tweaks, the small adjustments and the perpetual tastings that ultimately add up to creating a champion. To bring home a veritable treasure trove of 4 Top 100 awards, reinforces our decision to become a specialist Cap Classique producer and a bonafide leader in our field.” 

Jordan Wines (4)

Gary Jordan, owner: “All of us at Jordan are thrilled to have several of our wines once again, selected to be in the Top 100.  Our consistent success is due to the Jordan cellar and vineyard staff working closely together as a tight-knit team, ensuring that quality fruit is produced in the vineyards and then well-managed and improved on in the cellar.  The Jordan team are proud to have achieved 4 wines selected for Double Platinum awards.”

Paul Cluver Wines  (4)

Paul Clüver, owner: “It is always an honour to receive such stunning accolades at this comprehensive competition where we find ourselves alongside our wine industry peers who are making the best wines in the history of the Cape. The performance of our two top-end Chardonnay and Pinot Noir is of special significance as Paul Clüver pioneered these varieties in Elgin, a region that is now seen as one of the premier South African appellations for growing these terroir-drive varieties.”

Saronsberg Cellars (4)

Dewaldt Heyns, winemaker: “Awards such as the Double Platinum at the Top 100 underscores the consistency in our wines’ performance at the highest level, but it is also a testament to the ceaseless commitment and effort of a small and dedicated team in the pursuit of excellence.”

Du Toitskloof (3)

Shawn Thomson, chief production manager and winemaker: “What an absolute honour to have three wines in the Top 100. At Du Toitskloof we pride ourselves in over-delivering on quality, applying attention to detail and knowing that teamwork is key. Cheers to three Top 100 wines for the second year in a row!”

Groot Constantia (3)

Boela Gerber, winemaker Groot Constantia: "Securing this award indicates the incredible quality of Groot Constantia's wines across a range of varietals. This success comes from the diversity of our vineyards and the varied topography, soil and climate that we enjoy at Groot Constantia. This, coupled with the hard work of our wine-making team has harvested top results once again.” 

Koelenhof Winery (3)

Nicholas Husselman, winemaker: “Wow! Wow! Wow! Three times the cheers! The Koelenhof team is ecstatic to have been awarded the Top 100/Double Platinum Awards at NWC of 2022 for three of our wines! This is a great testimony of the quality of our wines and an absolute honour to be part of the line-up once again this year!"

Stellenbosch Vineyards (3)

Bernard Claassen, winemaker:"It is always a proud moment to have your wines receive Top 100 status at one of South Africa's most well-renowned wine competitions. 2022 marks the third year that our Credo Chenin Blanc has received Double Platinum for three consecutive vintages, representing our Credo range's consistent quality."

Allee Bleue Wines (2)

Van Zyl Du Toit, winemaker:   “With the NWC being one of the 1st wine competitions of the year, I`ve always used them as a barometer to gauge what we might expect from this full year`s accolades. With two of our Estate Reds, both from the 2019 vintage, taking honours as Double Platinum winners, we are of course over the moon. We are so proud to have these calibre wines in our portfolio and I am sure our customers will slurp them up in the coming winter.”

Brandvlei Wynkelder/BC Wines (2)

Daneel Jacobs, winemaker: "A great team effort from the vineyard to the bottle. We are extremely proud to have two wines in the National Wine Challenge Top 100 this year, celebrating one double platinum and one Grand Cru!"

De Wet Cellar (2)

Tertius Jonck, winemaker: “We are extremely grateful for the inclusion of two wines from the De Wet range in the Top 100 SA Wines. Being awarded Double Platinum medals always puts a stamp on the quality the Worcester region can offer and the good cooperation between producer and winemaker.”

Diemersfontein (2)

Francois Roode, cellarmaster:We are excited for the Diemersfontein Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 to have received a reward like this one. We have worked hard on the quality of our Bordeaux varieties and we can see the results now."

The vineyard team is to thank for delivering beautiful fruit and the cellar team for looking after it and creating this stunning wine.

We at Diemersfontein do not only create coffee style Pinotage wines but also serious classic style Pinotage like our Carpe Diem Reserve Pinotage 2020. Our older bush vine Pinotage vineyards delivered good quality fruit that year and we are happy to receive a reward for the wine that came from it.  We say thank you to the vineyard team for managing the crop and the cellar team for looking after the wine.”

Doolhof (2)

Gielie Beukes, winemaker: A lot of effort goes in to creating wines that are truly expressive of the vineyard sites and it is such an honour to receive two Top 100 / Double platinum awards for these wines. It is gratifying to see the devotion to our exceptional terroir paying off.”

Napier Vineyards (2)

Leon Bester GM/Winemaker: “We at Napier Vineyards are ecstatic to have been awarded Top 100 Double Platinum for 2 of our wines, a Grand Cru Best in Class and also 2 Double Gold and 1 Silver award. It makes me immensely proud of our entire team at Napier Vineyards and these awards are a confession of the dedication, hard work and consistency of our focus in producing world class wines. This coincides also well with the fact that we now release a new image with re-designed labels.”

Villiera Wines (2)

Jeff Grier, cellarmaster: “Monro is a family name used as a Villiera sub brand for a Reserve Merlot and a Reserve Cap Classique, both focus categories in our range. With all the attention to detail devoted to these 2 wines it makes sense that they received top awards in this competition.”

Vrede en Lust (2)

Karlin Nel, cellarmaster: "A Double Platinum award for these 2 wines is a wonderful recognition for our winemaking team and confirmation of our chosen style.  As a winemaker this is an amazing validation of the effort that we put into the wines when crafting them. This is a clear indication that we are working with vineyards with exceptional terroir and producing very special wines."

Bon Courage

Jacques Bruwer, cellarmaster: “Making Cap Classique has always been my passion so having the Blanc de Blancs being awarded one of the Top 100 / Double Platinum wines is definitely an immense honour. “

Bonnievale Wines

Edwin Mathambo, winemaker: “The Limited Release Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 is a bold, well-structured and intense wine. Prominent dark red fruit is underpinned with elegant tannins - an unforgettable feast for the senses!

De Krans

Christoff de Wet, winemaker: "We are so proud that our Cape Vintage Reserve 2019 received the Double Platinum & Top 100 award once again! Port definitely makes our daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and gives a lot more tolerance."

Dornier Wines

Francois Theunissen, general manager: "Dornier Equanimity Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 is the product of continued viticultural and vinicultural enhancements incorporated at Dornier over the last decade. The wine is a classic example of premium Cabernet Sauvignon and we are honoured to receive recognition of this from The National Wine Challenge through the awarding of a successive Top 100 / Double Platinum Award for this wine."

Elgin Vintners

Dr Marinda Kruger, winemaker: "Wonderful to have our Blanc de Noir recognized as a Top 100 winner.  We also believe that Blanc de Noir is a serious category and winning this award proves, just that."

Rickety Bridge

Donovan Ackermann, cellarmaster: “We have been doing consistently well in this competition, and it shows us that we are doing something right. It’s very hard work and takes a lot of dedication to create these wines, so it’s very satisfying to get rewarded for it.”

Highlands Road

Vanessa Mead, winemaker: "Chardonnay is often said to be the variety that the winemaker has the most influence on.  Good grapes from a good site are essential, but that “goodness” can become magical if you keep just the right amount of tension in the reins, as you ride the wine through it’s vinification process."

Holden Manz

Gerard Holden, co-owner of Holden Manz Wine Estate: “The Holden Manz Big G is our flagship wine and it is great recognition to be awarded double platinum and Top 100.  This cabernet sauvignon driven Bordeaux style blend expresses the core of the special Franschhoek terroir at Holden Manz.”

Ken Forrester

Ken Forrester, owner:Way back in 1999, working with Martin Meinert, we conceptualized a wine with personality, something unique even slightly off the wall!  Perhaps a little over-confident but the intention was to produce “one of the great white wines of the world”.  We were looking to focus on texture, showing minerality, complexity, as well as concentration and balance.  We are proud to have created such a wine, an individual wine with the elegance of a ballet dancer and the power of a rugby player, a unique combination of power, finesse and balance.”

La Motte

Hein Koegelenberg, CEO of La Motte Wine Estate:We are delighted with the Top 100 and Double Platinum NWC award for the 2020 La Motte Chardonnay! Made from grapes grown exclusively on the estate, we love the elegance and versatility of this wine and are so pleased that the judges agree. Cheers to classic Chardonnays!”

Nicholson Smith Agencies

Jason Neal, Owner: "An amazing award to be won. Truly the pinnacle of awards in our industry. With such strong competition it is a great honour that we have won this award for our Pandoras Box biscuit tin sparkling brut against such stiff competition."

Oak Valley Estate

Jacques du Plessis, Winemaker: “Once again, we are seeing just how well Elgin is suited to making world-class Chardonnay. This further motivates us that we are on the right track in terms of focussing our Estate plantings more toward this fantastic cultivar and its close friend Pinot Noir.”

Painted Wolf Wines

Jeremy Borg, Co-founder and Winemaker: “Roussanne is one of my favourite grapes to work with, so it gives me great pleasure to receive a Top 100 / Double Platinum Award for our Solo Roussanne, a wine that we have really made our speciality.”

Paul Wallace Wines

Nicky & Paul Wallace, Owners: “We are delighted that our Crackerjack 2019 has been awarded a Double Platinum medal and Top 100 SA Wines status at this year’s National Wine Challenge – a prestigious competition that appreciates the purity of fruit captured in this Bordeaux-styled blend.”


Josef Dreyer, Winemaker: “The Quinary is our most popular wine and favourite of most of the family. We are very proud of the awards and glad that the Raka Quinary, our full Bordeaux style blend, reached the Top 100 again!”

Rosendal Wines

Therese De Beer, winemaker: "We are thrilled to have received this accolade for our Cabernet Franc based blend, Reserve Aquitaine.  This result supports the belief that South Africa can produce stand-out Cabernet Francs worthy of the spotlight." 

Stellenrust Wines

Tertius Boshoff, cellarmaster: “It is an immense honour to receive this Top 100 award for a collaborative Checkers Chenin Blanc. Both Checkers and Chenin Blanc are integral to Stellenrust’s success and we can’t thank Darno van Dyk and the buying team enough for putting their trust in us to produce a top end Chenin Blanc.”

Alphabetic list of winning Top 100 SA wines:

  • Allée Bleue Wines Allee Bleue Shiraz 2019
  • Allée Bleue Wines Allee Bleue Pinotage 2019
  • Almenkerk Wine Estate Lace Vineyard Selection 2019
  • Alvi's Drift Private Cellar Alvi's Drift Reserve CVC 2020
  • Alvi's Drift Private Cellar Alvi's Drift Albertus Viljoen Bismarck (Red Blend) 2019
  • Alvi's Drift Private Cellar Alvi's Drift Reserve Drift Fusion (Red Blend) 2019
  • Alvi's Drift Private Cellar Alvi's Drift Verreaux Pinotage 2019
  • Alvi's Drift Private Cellar Alvi's Drift Reserve Drift Fusion 2020
  • Alvi's Drift Private Cellar Alvi's Drift Albertus Viljoen Chenin Blanc 2020
  • Babylonstoren Cabernet Sauvignon 2020
  • Beck Family Estates Graham Beck Cuvée Clive 2017
  • Beck Family Estates Graham Beck Blanc de Blancs 2017
  • Beck Family Estates Graham Beck Pinot Noir Rosé 2017
  • Beck Family Estates Graham Beck Ultra Brut 2016
  • Bon Courage Wine Estate Jacques Bruere Blanc de Blancs 2012
  • Bonnievale Limited Release Cabernet Sauvignon 2019
  • Boplaas Landgoed Boplaas Cape Tawny Colheita 2005
  • Boplaas Landgoed Boplaas Gamka 2020
  • Brandvlei Cellar Brandvlei Wynkelder Halftien 2020
  • Brandvlei Cellar Brandvlei Wynkelder Pinotage Reserve 2020
  • Cape Wine Company Nieuwe Haarlem Chenin Blanc 2021
  • Cape Wine Company Erasmus Grenache Noir 2020
  • Cloof Wine Estate Inkspot 2019
  • D'Aria Winery The Songbird Sauvignon Blanc 2021
  • De Krans Cape Vintage Reserve 2019
  • De Wet Cellar White Muscadel 2021
  • De Wet Cellar Hanepoot 2021
  • Diemersfontein Wine Estate Diemersfontein Cabernet Sauvignon 2019
  • Diemersfontein Wine Estate Diemersfontein Carpe Diem Pinotage 2020
  • Doolhof Wine Estate Single Vineyard Cabernet Franc 2019
  • Doolhof Wine Estate Single Vineyard Pinotage 2020
  • Dornier Wines Dornier Equanimity Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
  • Du Toitskloof Wines Du Toitskloof Nebbiolo 2020
  • Du Toitskloof Wines Du Toitskloof Hanepoot Jerepigo 2021
  • Du Toitskloof Wines Quest Two 2020
  • Elgin Vintners Belle Amie 2021
  • Fairview Wines Primo Pinotage 2019
  • Fairview Wines Spice Route Chakalaka 2019
  • Fairview Wines Fairview Petite Sirah 2017
  • Fairview Wines Spice Route Chenin Blanc 2021
  • Fairview Wines Fairview Eenzaamheid Shiraz 2018
  • Flagstone Winery Flagstone Dragon Tree Cape Blend 2019
  • Flagstone Winery Flagstone Truth Tree Pinotage 2020
  • Flagstone Winery Flagstone Treaty Tree Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon 2019
  • Flagstone Winery Flagstone Music Room Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
  • Flagstone Winery Flagstone Dark Horse Shiraz 2018
  • Groot Constantia Grand Constance 2017
  • Groot Constantia Cabernet Sauvignon 2019
  • Groot Constantia Gouverneurs Reserve 2019
  • Highlands Road Wine Chardonnay 2020
  • Holden Manz BIG G 2017
  • Jason's Hill Private Cellar Jason's Hill Izak Reserve 2018
  • Jordan Wine Estate Jordan Black Magic Merlot 2020
  • Jordan Wine Estate Jordan Cold Fact Sauvignon Blanc 2021
  • Jordan Wine Estate Jordan Chardonnay barrel fermented 2021
  • Jordan Wine Estate Jordan The Prospector Syrah 2020
  • Ken Forrester Wines The FMC 2020
  • Koelenhof Winery Stellenbosch 1679 Old Vines Pinotage 2020
  • Koelenhof Winery Stellenbosch 1679 Cabernet Sauvignon 2019
  • Koelenhof Winery Stellenbosch 1679 The Legacy 2019
  • La Motte La Motte Chardonnay 2020
  • Lothian Vineyards Lothian of Elgin Chardonnay 2020
  • Napier Vineyards Napier Petite Marie Rosé 2021
  • Napier Vineyards Napier Red Medallion 2017
  • Neil Ellis Wines Jonkershoek Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
  • Neil Ellis Wines Stellenbosch Cabernet Sauvignon 2019
  • Nicholson Smith Agencies Pandora's Box The Biscuit Tin Sparkling Brut NV
  • Oak Valley Estate Groenlandberg Chardonnay 2021
  • Opstal Wines Fairbridge Merlot 2020
  • Painted Wolf Wines Solo Roussanne 2020
  • Paul Cluver Wines Paul Cluver Sauvignon Blanc 2021
  • Paul Cluver Wines Paul Cluver Seven Flags Chardonnay 2020
  • Paul Cluver Wines Paul Cluver Seven Flags Pinot Noir 2017
  • Paul Cluver Wines Paul Cluver Noble Late Harvest 2021
  • Paul Wallace Wines Paul Wallace Crackerjack 2019
  • Perdeberg Wines The Vineyard Collection Pinotage 2020
  • Perdeberg Wines The Dry Land Collection Courageuous Barrel Fermented Old Vine Chenin Blanc 2021
  • Perdeberg Wines The Dry Land Collection Longevity Natural Sweet Chenin Blanc 2018
  • Perdeberg Wines Perdeberg Classic Collection Sauvignon Blanc 2021
  • Perdeberg Wines The Dry Land Collection Joseph's Legacy 2019
  • Raka Quinary 2019
  • Ridgeback Wines Ridgeback Viognier 2021
  • Ridgeback Wines Ridgeback Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
  • Ridgeback Wines Ridgeback Chenin Blanc 2020
  • Rietvallei Wine Estate Rietvallei Dark Cin 2020
  • Rietvallei Wine Estate Rietvallei Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
  • Rosendal Wines Rosendal Reserve Aquitaine 2019
  • Saronsberg Cellars Saronsberg Mourvedre 2019
  • Saronsberg Cellars Saronsberg Grenache 2019
  • Saronsberg CellarsSaronsberg Seismic 2020
  • Saronsberg Cellars Saronsberg Full Circle 2020
  • Stellenbosch Vineyards Limited Release Verdelho 2021
  • Stellenbosch Vineyards The Flagship Petit Verdot 2015
  • Stellenbosch Vineyards Credo Chenin Blanc 2021
  • Stellenrust Wines Stellenrust Barrel fermented Chenin Blanc 2020 (Checkers Special)
  • EdgebastonDavid Finlayson GS Cabernet Sauvignon 2019
  • Van Loveren Family Vineyards Christiena Trousseau Pinotage 2020
  • Van Loveren Family Vineyards Rhino Run Organic Chenin Blanc 2021
  • Van Loveren Family Vineyards Zandvliet Shiraz 2018
  • Van Loveren Family Vineyards Van Loveren Red Muscadel 2021
  • Van Loveren Family Vineyards Christiena Cabernet Sauvignon 2020
  • Van Loveren Family Vineyards Zandvliet Hill of Enon Shiraz 2019
  • Van Loveren Family Vineyards Christiena MCC Brut NV
  • Villiera Wines Villiera Monro Merlot 2020
  • Villiera Wines Villiera Monro Brut 2015
  • Vrede en Lust Early Mist Riesling 2021
  • Vrede en Lust Boet Erasmus 2017

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Robin Von Holdt

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Dr Alvi van der Merwe

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