Terraview is agtech for winemaking, and it’s tackling climate change for the industry

Thursday, 13 January, 2022
Fortune, Stephanie Cain
There are several moving parts when it comes to winemaking, from tending to grape vineyards on a property to harvest timing and production in winery facilities. Then the finished wine may be aged, before bottling and shipping to retail stores, restaurants, and the homes of its customers.

But for all its complicated steps, the process has remained very pen and paper. Though vast amounts of math and science are required, winery teams are left to create their own spreadsheets and models for determining how and what a particular vine, and later wine, may need.

Jeff Baccus, a senior viticulturist for advanced viticulture based in the Russian River Valley of California, has long shuffled between satellite images, soil moisture probes, irrigation data, and his own crop modeling for important decision-making data.

“The quality of wine is produced in the vineyard by careful management of the plant canopy, irrigation practices, and crop adjustments,” Baccus says. “Too often, we are reacting at the last moment, which tends to degrade quality and be a bit costly.”

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Prateek Srivastava - Co Founder and CEO of Terraview
Prateek Srivastava - Co Founder and CEO of Terraview

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