Chefs for charity: Idiom supports Clash of the Chefs in aid of the Isabelo charity founded by Margot Janse

Wednesday, 13 October, 2021
8 chefs, standing together, to support feeding programs in the Cape Winelands in a clash of cooking skills.

Chef Clinton Jacobs of Idiom was proud to be included in this exclusive charity function to create his culinary masterpiece for 170-200 guests at La Roche estate in Franschhoek, alongside the chefs of 7 other restaurants, to ensure that children in the Cape winelands have every chance in their school day to have a nutritious meal through the good work of Isabelo charity.

Idiom has joined a league of 8 restaurants whose chefs prepared a course each at the 2021 Clash of the Chefs event in aid of charity, Isabelo, in Franschhoek. The Idiom Restaurant, owned by the Bottega family, is headed up by Chef Clinton Jacobs who represented and created a dish that expressed his style on Saturday the 9th October at La Roche Estate in Franschhoek in aid of this good cause.  

The 8 chefs were: Stefan Bekker (Erinvale Hotel), Ashley Johnson (Le Bon Vivant), Garth Johnson (MIKO at Mont Rochelle), Tharwat Londt (a Private Chef in the Cape Winelands) and Charlton Prins (Haute Cabriere); alongside Clinton Jacobs (Idiom Restaurant). The winning dishes were awarded by acclaimed chefs Margot Janse, Darren Badenhorst and Peter Goffe Wood and were won by chef Clinton Jacobs of Idiom working with Stefan Bekker of Erinvale.  

Founded by award-winning chef Margot Janse (former Executive Chef at The Tasting Room, Le Quartier Français, Franschhoek), Isabelo provides nutritious meals to the poverty-stricken school children of the Franschhoek Valley, since 2009. Isabelo now provides 337,000 healthy breakfasts and lunches per year to children of multiple schools and crêches in the Franschhoek Valley. 

“We are supportive of partaking in this event where so many celebrated chefs have been involved in the past to support a charity that uplifts children in the Cape Winelands. We have been very active at the Cape Wine Auction and equally felt that the Clash of the Chefs provided us with an opportunity to use our time to make a change in people’s lives during quite a difficult time for many following the impact of COVID on the winelands and the continued need in South Africa to support poorer schools with nutritious meals to ensure young learners have every chance of success”, Silvana Bottega, proprietor at Idiom, noted.

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