#25YEARSYOUNG: Sharing our Top 10 best read stories EVER

Friday, 13 August, 2021
wine.co.za, Trudie Webb
In celebration of our 25th birthday, we look at what our readers have enjoyed most over the years. Since joining wine.co.za in 2016, I've had a little chuckle every time I see some of the titles on our Top 10 list of news stories (forgive me, but like a teenager, I find it hard not to giggle at the word Viagra almost every time). Take a trip down memory lane with our Top 10 best read articles.

Some of the oldest articles in our database date back to 2002, and although some things have changed, the gist of it remains nearly 20 years later; to serve wine lovers a balanced, daily dose of news on South African wine. We have thousands of subscribers to our daily and weekly newsfeeds , publishing around 1 440 articles per year with an average of 120 articles per month. I find the longevity of our content amazing, with most of the articles in our Top 10, still being viewed about 30 times per month, years after publication. 

Our newsfeeds throughout the years: 24 January 2007, 24 April 2012 & 12 August 2021

It's an honour to work with some of the best South African wine journos in the industry, with Graham Howe (our longest-standing news contributor), Malu Lambert and Dave March regularly producing interesting pieces on South African wine history and trends that readers look forward to. One of my favourite times of the year is when I get to spread all of the good news about our wine industry as far and wide as our News page lets us reach, through our #wineforgood campaign every April. 

Our Top 10 list is an interesting mix of awards news, industry information and an intriguing report about a con man roaming the winelands in 2010. No news on what happened to the con man, perhaps time for a follow-up, but happy to report that the Viagra article is interesting beyond just the title and worth a read.

Here is our TOP 10 list:

  1. Liquor licences for online wine sales - August 2009 by Danie Cronje, Cluver Markotter - read HERE
  2. Top 100 SA Wines 2012 results - April 2012 by Top 100 SA Wines - read HERE
  3. How can South Africa encourage more Wine Tourism? And why is this so important - February 2014 by Dave Jefferson - read HERE
  4. 2011: The more things change - December 2011 by Carla van der Merwe - read HERE
  5. Viagra and the wine blogosphere - May 2006 by Kim Maxwell - read HERE
  6. Organic viticulture - is it a load of compost? - March 2006by Frank Smith - read HERE
  7. Decanter World Wine Awards 2013 winners announced - May 2013 by DWWA - read HERE
  8. Liquor sales on Sunday for supermarkets and liquor stores in Cape Town Municipality - January 2014 by Danie Cronje - read HERE
  9. Beware of con man in industry - February 2010 by Anonymous - read HERE
  10. Top ten family-friendly wine farms in winter - June 2012 by Cathy Marston - read HERE

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Our Top 10 articles
Our Top 10 articles

Graham Howe, long-time News contributor
Graham Howe, long-time News contributor

Cathy Marston
Cathy Marston

Danie Cronje - liquor law specialist
Danie Cronje - liquor law specialist

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