#SaveSAWine creates a buzz with mural project

Tuesday, 8 December, 2020
South African Wine Industry Transformation Unit
The South African Wine Industry Transformation Unit (SAWITU) participated in the #SaveSAWine campaign, run by Erica Taylor of Uncorkified.

This campaign is known for creating a buzz around South African wine and they more than lived up to the expectation with the unveiling of the #savesawinemuralproject, championed by Sarah Krone of Robinson & Sinclair and a wine tasting at The Wine Shop in Loop Street, Cape Town. The event coincided with the popular Cape Town First Thursday initiative that started in 2012 to expose art and cultural attractions to the public.

The South African Wine Industry Transformation Unit (SAWITU) collaborated with Robinson & Sinclair and the WWF South Africa Conservation Champion Initiative to expose wine brands to the vibey crowd who attended this event.

The wine tasting coincided with the unveiling of a hand-painted mural by Cape Town artist Waynebks of Baz-Art onto the building façade of nr.192 Loop Street across from The Wine Shop. This mural is inspired by the diversity, unity and culture of the South African wine industry and the art piece commissioned by SAWITU illustrates the continuous resilience and strength of black-owned brands doing business under tough conditions.

Central to the piece, the artwork features a strong, self-confident female image.  The light shining on her face indicates the bright future ahead.

Wendy Petersen, Operations Manager of SAWITU, says “It’s great to be able to combine our work with street art and expose our brands to new markets. I love pairing wine and art; both are expressions by talented craftsman. Such an intimate connection is made by an individual enjoying an art piece and the same is true for the wine-lover”. She further elaborates on the mural, “The red and orange represent the vibrant energy and inner strength of our brands.  Pink indicates vision, originality, and creativity. Purple stands for the destiny of the brands and the will to improve the lives of their families and communities. Blue refers to honour and grace, while green represents growth and prosperity for our brands to be sustainable.”

The #SaveSAWine initiative has had a direct increase in consumption of South African wine all over the world, but local events needed a kick-start.  The wine brands Bayede!, Libby’s Pride, Koni Wines and Carmen Stevens Wines represented under the SAWITU banner all agree that although their businesses suffered during the lockdown, being part of events like this is important for their long-term sustainability. Retail listings and exports drives their growth but introducing their wines to South African consumers is key to building a loyal customer base and grow their businesses.

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The SAWITU mural in Loop Street
The SAWITU mural in Loop Street

Wendy Petersen and Wayne Beukes
Wendy Petersen and Wayne Beukes

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