Meet the Winemaker - Rijk Melck from Muratie on Radio Helderberg

Friday, 9 October, 2020
Judy Brower |
Meet Rijk Melck, as he chats with Johann Myburgh from Radio Helderberg. This is the 10th in's monthly ''Meet the Winemaker'' interview series.

There are plenty of interesting stories about the history of Muratie, and there is no-one better than Rijk Melck to tell them

As Johann Myburgh puts it, the Muratie story is "movie material" and starts back in 1685. While there is plenty of history to go round in the winelands, few wine farms keep theirs alive quite like this family-run Stellenbosch producer.

"We're not out to make blockbuster wines, but like our stories, there is deepness in our wine", says Rijk.

Tradition and simplicity is echoed in all the workings on the farm, from the vineyards to favouring natural fermentation in the cellar to the Muratie Farm Kitchen where you will find pork belly, lamb shank and afval. 

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Rijk Melck
Rijk Melck

Rijk Melck
Rijk Melck

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