My Wyn Wins Inaugural Cab Franc Trophy

Monday, 7 September, 2020
Cab Franc Challenge
My Wyn, a small winery in the hills of Franschhoek, has won the inaugural Cobie van Oort Cabernet Franc Trophy for the highest score during the 2020 Cab Franc Challenge.

For the first time since the inception of the Challenge in 2016, it was decided to award the highest scoring wine overall with a floating trophy.  This trophy is called the Cobie van Oort Cab Franc Challenge Trophy and the inaugural winner is My Wyn from Franschhoek.  Winemaker Jacoline Haasbroek felt it was a great honour and the trophy will be displayed in her tasting room for the next year!  Cobie passed away suddenly on 24 June and a suggestion was made to create this award in her legacy. 

Cobie, who together with Celia Gilloway from Events by Celia, started the Cabernet Franc Challenge in 2016 with 33 entries, which has subsequently grown by more than 50%. 

Celia suggested that a trophy, in honour of Cobie, would let her legacy live on in the minds and hearts of all producers and Cab Franc Lovers.  Cobie was extremely passionate about the varietal and felt that something had to be done to expose this “Bordeaux Grape” to a much bigger audience.  Cobie also initiated the first Cab Franc Carnival, which was held at Avontuur Estate in 2015.

The Cabernet Franc Challenge is a 100% blind tasting, judged by 5 well respected and experienced tasters from the industry.  This year’s panel was once again led by Chair Christine Rudman, Greg Mutambe, Malu Lambert, Lizette Tolken and Fiona McDonald.

Christine commented on the 2020 Challenge with the following: “There were 52 entries, the same as in 2019, and while many of the previous winners participated, there were also some new entries. Judging out of 100.

With Covid 19 putting a stop to large gatherings of people and therefore making it impossible to host the 2020 Cabernet Franc Carnival at the Vrede en Lust winery in the Franschhoek Region, Cab Franc Lovers’ will need to wait until 2021 to attend this very popular event.

Jacoline Haasbroek, flanked by her husband on the left and Bjorn van Oort from CVO Marketing

Jacoline Haasbroek, winner of the Cobie van Oort Trophy
Jacoline Haasbroek, winner of the Cobie van Oort Trophy

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