Namaqua West Coast: It's a Way of Life

Tuesday, 14 January, 2020
Visit Winelands, Estee de Villiers
There’s plenty of great food and fine wine in the world, but nowhere else has the ‘weskus vibe’ of the Namaqua West Coast. The people you meet here are what sets this place apart.

The scenery is much like you’d expect: little red fishing boats resting on the beach, an icy, bright blue ocean, fields of flowers lining the roads and fresh fish being served up with a glass of white wine. Stay a few days and join in some of the discoveries that we made on a recent road trip to the region. 

Taste old and new wines at Seal Breeze

Near Lutzville, about 20km inland from the coast is where you’ll find the winemaker Joan Wiggins and her cellar of Seal Breeze Wines. One of the only female winemakers to own her own cellar, Joan is a trailblazer in her own right. She uses no modern equipment to make her wines and can tell you tales of how she lovingly selects her grapes. Her boutique winery produces small batches of old-world style wines and here you’ll be lucky enough to taste old vintages from this region.

Feast on seafood and wine at Fryer's Cove

Just a friendly warning here: once you’ve been to Fryer’s Cove, you will be compelled to go back. Their hospitality, friendly service and outstanding location will steal your heart and don’t even get us started on their seafood platters and wine! 

Their vineyard is one of the closest to the sea worldwide. The kitchen is run by community members who serve up homestyle recipes their families have perfected over generations, providing an authentic West Coast menu and benefiting the local community. What’s not to love?

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