Dare to be different: this winter, you’re allowed to drink white wine

Tuesday, 13 August, 2019
Spier Seaward Chardonnay is a winner when the mercury drops. “Many people tend to stick to red wines in the wintertime – because that’s what conventional wisdom dictates,” says Spier Cellar Master Frans Smit. “However, white wine is as much a winter wine as red is.”

White wine is more versatile when it comes to pairing with different types of food, making it suitable for those long and hearty winter meals indoors.

That’s great news for those who prefer whites generally – or fancy a bit of vinous variety when the mercury plummets. Indeed, the just-launched Spier Seaward Chardonnay 2018 is ideal for colder weather. Being lightly-wooded, its citrus-dominated flavours are rounded out by creamy vanilla; the wood offers structure and gravitas without being overbearing.

While light enough to enjoy on its own by a roaring fire, this is a wine that really shines at the dinner table – especially if it’s served with rich comfort food. Think wintertime favourites such as creamy chicken pie, mushroom tagliatelle or a pork roast. For the vegans, it’s a winner with butternut soup or a mild tofu coconut curry.

Seaward: a wine for all seasons

Spier’s new Seaward range is inspired by the Cape’s unique coastal terroir. The Chardonnay is made with grapes handpicked in the Durbanville Hills, less than 25km away from the icy Atlantic. While this ocean is better known for the fierce winter weather that gives the “Cape of Storms” its name, at the height of summer it plays a critical role in the making of this wine.

“The Atlantic’s cooling breezes allow the vines to thrive in optimal conditions for gradual ripening,” explains Smit. “Coupled with dryland irrigation – which intensifies flavours -- the result is a Chardonnay with great concentration, balance and finesse, all underpinned by an elegant minerality.”

That means a wine to enjoy no matter the season or the weather: a wine for fireside reading, lazy sunlit afternoons, or exciting dinner parties.

“The Spier Seaward Chardonnay is that rare thing: a wine that will appeal to both Sauvingon Blanc diehards as well as lovers of ripe and rich Chards and Chenins,” says Smit.

 About the Spier Seaward Chardonnay 2018:

Made with grapes sourced from the Tygerberg Hills, this lightly-wooded wine has aromas of ruby grapefruit, mango and citrus with undertones of raw almond. The creamy palate offers fresh citrus and nectarine notes with well-integrated vanilla on the finish. Enjoy with pork chops, roast chicken, creamy mushroom pasta – and, of course, seafood.

The Spier Seaward Chardonnay 2018 retails for R110.00 a bottle and is available at the Spier wine shop and leading liquor outlets nationwide.


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Spier Seaward Chardonnay 2018
Spier Seaward Chardonnay 2018

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