How to help responsibly, an important warning from StreetSmartSA

Thursday, 1 August, 2019
StreetSmart SA
A word from StreetsmartSA on the issue of vulnerable and street children...

Be StreetSmart when you help a street child!

  • Do NOT give them gifts or money - in the long run, this keeps them on the streets.
  • Greet them in a friendly manner.
  • Rather give money to initiatives that deal with the problem, i.e StreetSmart:
  1. StreetSmart raises funds for programmes that support the greater process of social normalisation of vulnerable and street children’s lives.
  2. Partnering establishments give their patrons an opportunity to donate to StreetSmart. Diners and guests should see their donation reflected on their bill. Find all our partners here
  3. Every cent raised in StreetSmart establishments goes to local vulnerable and marginalised children programmes, namely education, skills training and family reunification.
  4. ALL operational costs are covered through sponsorships, fundraisers and private donations. is proud to support StreetSmartSA through the donations we receive from customers through our online shop.