Springfield wants to hear about your Springfield memories

Wednesday, 8 May, 2019
Springfield Estate
Over the years, we have shared our wines with hundreds and thousands of our loyal customers since the first Springfield wines hit shelves in 1995.

We have come a long way, with some changes here and there, but the most important part has stayed the same - the wine inside the bottle.

Since day one, we have always put the wine first over everything else - making the decision that is best for the wine, not best for our pockets. This is probably why we have had such an incredible and loyal following grow over the years.

Springfield has been present for many major life events, from weddings and births (we have heard of quite a few children that were conceived after a bottle of Springfield was shared), to loved ones being mourned and remembered with a bottle of their favourite wine.

We know that you you have formed an integral part of our lives, and that we, in turn, have formed a part in yours. This is why we want to hear your Springfield story. We want to know about the engagements, the weddings, the crazy nights and the happy memories that Springfield formed a part of.

Write a post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtag #MySpringfieldStory - or simply reply to this email - we would love to hear how Springfield has formed a part of your story.

How to get our wine

Trade customers can place their orders with their sales representative or through the office by contacting +27.236263661, sending a Whatsapp to +27.828645296 or sending an email to accounts@springfieldestate.com 

Private customers can order the wine on the online shop - click here to shop now.