The Eenzaamheid Philosophy

Wednesday, 1 May, 2019
Santi Basson
Danwill Arries of Eenzaamheid, better known as Danny, has been a regular participant of the Winetech study groups since 2013. In 2018 he participated in the Winetech workshops for senior cellar assistants. Danny was one of the top-ten achievers of the 2018 Winetech study groups.

Eenzaamheid winemaker, Janno Briers-Louw and Danny are responsible for Eenzaamheid wines. Janno describes Danny as his right hand and they jointly decide upon training programmes which Danny will follow. Danny has already successfully completed the Cape Wine Academy South African Wine Course, which is the introduction to wine, as well as the WTSA SKOP 3 training programme. He is currently busy with the SKOP 4 training programme. Janno and Danny have regular discussions regarding his personal development and transfer of knowledge.

Eenzaamheid’s philosophy include that individual knowledge should be thoroughly established and well-grounded. Janno compares it to a pencil which should regularly be sharpened and should stay sharp. He believes that participation in the Winetech study groups and the workshops for senior cellar assistants ensure a continuity in the establishment and transfer of knowledge and information.

Danny says that he participates in the Winetech study groups, as it provides the opportunity to learn more about certain aspects of the winemaking processes, which he is not exposed to. He considered the 2018 study group about bottling particularly valuable. According to Danny, the participation in and attendance of the Winetech study groups and workshops for senior cellar assistants are extremely important, as it lessens the isolation which cellar assistants experience within the work environment. Janno believes that participation in the Winetech programmes provide opportunities for cellar assistants to network and to develop valuable relationships.

Both Janno and Danny believe that for transfer of knowledge to take place successfully, the individual must buy in and must make the decision to learn more. Therefore it depends on the individual’s choice and attitude whether transfer of knowledge will be successful.

During the conversation it was often mentioned that Danny is keen to know more and that he is inquisitive. His interest in winemaking started in his youth, when he used to go to the Eenzaamheid cellar after school, asking questions about everything that interested him. After completing his matric successfully, he was appointed in 2013 as Eenzaamheid’s cellar assistant.

Danny is passionate about sport and is an excellent rugby player. He believes that one should give one’s best to achieve success and that cellar assistants should be inquisitive about the product which they work with.  He is of the opinion that a large number of cellar assistants do not experience the entire winemaking process and are unaware of some of the processes taking place. He continuously wants to know why processes are taking place and why procedures are done in a specific manner. It is important for Danny to stay focussed to increase his knowledge, as he wants to reach his full potential.

Eenzaamheid winemaker, Janno Briers-Louw and Danwill Arries.
Eenzaamheid winemaker, Janno Briers-Louw and Danwill Arries.

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