Wine flies when you're having fun

Thursday, 2 May, 2019
Janine Avery
From a darling duck parade, to cheese and wine in a private home, an over-abundance of delicious reds and everything in between - we discover the Cape Winelands with Wine Flies!

I have novinophobia – the fear of running out of wine. Although based as I am in the Cape, it’s really a fear that isn’t based in reality. I am surrounded by no less than ten wine regions, some of them boasting more than 150 wine farms each! Now that’s a lot of wine!

Hence, why I think it’s crazy that when many a tourist adds Cape Town to their bucket list, they dedicate just one day to exploring the famed Winelands. In an area where you could spend an eternity (or at least until your liver gives out) tasting some of the world’s best wines, how do you choose which area and farms to dedicate your time to? Well, that’s where the experts come in…

That is why when I toyed with the idea of spending a recent public holiday in the Winelands, my journey began with an innovate company called Wine Flies. Their website promises a unique experience in the heart of the Winelands, filled with private cellars and bespoke experiences, offset against the bigger, more popular estates. And that is exactly what they delivered.

Our Wine Flies journey began at Vergenoegd Estate on the way to Stellenbosch where finely crafted chocolates complemented fine wines and a parade of runner ducks stole the show and my heart. From there it was through the town of Stellenbosch, with the guide’s interesting running commentary on the way, to a cheese and wine pairing at the home of Lola Nicholls. Lola is a female winemaker at Mitre’s Edge and her delicious reds are peppered with countless awards.

Then it was time for a break and a leg-stretch in the picturesque town of Franschhoek, before stopping for a bite to eat and some bubbles at the popular Rickety Bridge. Thoroughly wined, and dined, the final stop on the adventure was to the hilltop estate at Chamonix, where more scrumptious reds complimented fine pairings of biltong and breadsticks and many a selfie was taken alongside the backdrop of the beautiful Franschhoek valley.

And as the sun set over the bronze-hued autumn vineyards, and laughs were shared with new friends, I thought to myself that it was a day worth spent. I just wished we could do it all over again the next day…

Duck Parade at Vergenoegd
Duck Parade at Vergenoegd

Chamonix wine tasting
Chamonix wine tasting

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