#wineforgood: Saving African Wild Dogs, one bottle of wine at a time

Thursday, 18 April, 2019
The Painted Wolf Wine Company was founded in mid 2007 by Jeremy and Emma Borg. Jeremy, who was the driving force behind the creation of Fairview's Goats Do Roam, has broad experience with wine companies and brands in the USA, UK and South Africa.

Jeremy and Emma have a deep love for the wild spaces of Africa and have created this business combining fantastic wines, community and a clear conservation agenda. "Our inspiration is the African Painted Wolf," or Hunting Dog, "which is Africa's most successful hunter due to their extraordinary team work, focus, energy and persistence. 

They are amongst the most social of all animals, caring and nurturing each other - a community of individuals working in harmony for the success of all," says Jeremy Borg. "Our Painted Wolf pack is a community of outstanding individuals who are able to bring the best available technical and practical skills to Painted Wolf. 

By harnessing their energy and expertise we have created a company that will not only make delicious wines but that has been set up to focus on conservation projects," he explains. Pedals 4 Paws is a cycle adventure initiative set up by Jeremy Borg and Painted Wolf Wines to raise funds and promote the conservation of Southern Africa’s most critically endangered carnivore, the African Wild Dog.

There are a number of reasons why the species is declining, almost all being human related -

  • Dogs shot or poisoned by land owners, hunters and farmers
  • Snares set by commercial or recreational poachers - a scourge throughout African conservation areas
  • Rabies - contracting rabies from village dogs
  • Being run over by vehicles

Painted Dogs populations are affected by changes in the density of the bush and access to prey. They are also attacked and killed by other predators, particularly lions. 

Why should we care about Painted Dogs

Aside from their enormous charm and beauty, African Painted dogs have a very highly developed social and family structure. They are hugely supportive of one another, exhibiting traits which as humans we can easily identify with.

They are enormously successful at hunting, with a success rate of at least 70%. They are very good at spotting the sick or out of condition which helps keep the gene pool of their prey vibrant. 

Saving the Painted Dog, one bottle of Painted Wolf wine at a time

The number donated to conservation organisations increases every time we sell a bottle of wine. We donate between 4 and 5 % of turnover to conservation, and have done since we started the company 12 years ago. At the last count the total was over R2 million - and that is just money from sales. We have also hosted special events that raise money for specific projects.

Please support African painted dogs generously - they need all of the help they can get.
Purchase your Painted Wolf Wines HERE - and get them delivered to your door in South Africa and make a difference to these endangered African Wild dogs



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Jeremy & Emma Borg
Jeremy & Emma Borg

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