Flagstone Press Juice - March Edition

Thursday, 7 March, 2019
Flagstone Winery
Flagstone press juice March 2019.

Flagstone Launches Limited Edition ICE

Flagstone launches its contemporary sweet, Sauvignon Blanc dessert wine, succinctly named ‘Ice.’ Housed in a slim 375ml bottle with an ice-white wax seal and adorned with a frozen Sauvignon Blanc leaf, Flagstone Ice’s packaging is designed for a high-fashion market that appreciates a brand that recognises and embraces global trends in stylish design. Read More

Flagstone Wins 2018 Winemaker of the Year Award

Another fantastic achievement for Gerhard and the Flagstone winemaking team at the Wine-of-the-Month Club Annual Wine Awards. Read More

Flagstone's 2019 Harvest

Each year we're provided with an opportunity to reflect the wonderful complexity that goes into a vintage, from terroir and soil to climate and weather. Every year the journey is different, every year it's a challenge and every year there's immense reward in combining our skill and creativity to produce incredible bottles of joy! Read More

South Africa’s Most Highly Rated Wines - 2019 Classification

To have several of our wines featured in the mostly highly rated wines of the Cape over the past 10 years is a huge accolade for us, an achievement that reflects the collective effort of this wonderful Flagstone Team. Read More

Michael Olivier - Flagstone Ice A Vine Dried Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Clever name Ice. It reminds me of Canadian Ice wine, made from grapes picked well into winter once the frost has been at them and cause desiccation. In South Africa, we have to use a pair of pliers to pinch the peduncles of the bunches to prevent life giving liquids to pass through to the berries which dehydrates the berries. Flagstone Ice 2016 is such a wine. Read More

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