De Doorns Wine Cellar – Could transfer of knowledge ever be sufficient?

Tuesday, 5 March, 2019
Santi Basson
Markquin Windvogel, senior cellar assistant at De Doorns Wine Cellar, is a regular participant of the Winetech study groups and in 2018 he attended the Winetech pilot workshops for senior cellar assistants. In 2018 Markquin was one of the top ten achievers of the Winetech study groups.

Markquin is originally from the Hex Valley and worked for three years as a temporary cellar assistant during harvest time before he was appointed permanently at De Doorns Wine Cellar.  He passed matric successfully in 2008 at Hex Valley Secondary School and completed the Wine Training SA SKOP 4 in 2017.

De Doorns Wine Cellar has a positive approach to ensure that transfer of knowledge takes place. In-house training is considered important, as well as participation in the Winetech study groups and workshops and Wine Training SA SKOP programmes.

Danie Koen, general manager of De Doorns Wine Cellar, strongly believes that transfer of knowledge to cellar assistants could never be sufficient. He confirms that should opportunities be available, cellars must make use of it.  It is to the benefit of the individual as well as the cellar, even if only to refresh memories. It is a policy of De Doorns Cellar that cellar assistants should at least attend the WTSA SKOP 1.

Markquin is passionate about the development of knowledge. Therefore he encourages colleagues to attend training and skills development programmes. He confirms that the development of knowledge definitely increases confidence. Peter-James Thomson is of the opinion that one can end in a rut should one’s knowledge is not regularly refreshed and renewed.

Markquin has a good relationship with both Danie and Peter-James, who assist him with advice should he be in need of it. De Doorns Wine Cellar has an open door policy to all employees and management consider it important that all employees experience job satisfaction.

Both Danie and Peter-James confirm the importance of the  transfer of knowledge at ground level and cellar hygiene is considered high priority. Danie and Peter-James indicated that the Winetech study groups play an important role in this regard, as participation in the study groups give much needed insight to cellar assistants why certain cellar processes are followed.

Markquin’s approach and progress in his career is primarily focused on the development of his knowledge and to make use of all available opportunities. He believes that nothing is for free in life and that perseverance will eventually make a huge difference in his life.

Left to Right: Danie Koen, Markquin Windvogel and Peter-James Thomson of De Doorns Wine Cellar
Left to Right: Danie Koen, Markquin Windvogel and Peter-James Thomson of De Doorns Wine Cellar

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