This South African restaurant has been named the best in the world in 2019

Wednesday, 20 February, 2019
Business Tech
The inaugural restaurant of the year awards were held in Paris on Monday evening (18 February). The finalists were selected by an expert panel of judges from over 37 different countries, with judges focusing on excellence and integrity and while trying to better promote the diversity of the world’s restaurant community.

Wolfgat, based in Paternoster in the Western Cape, took home two prizes on the evening – including the best ‘off map destination’ and the coveted ‘restaurant of the year'.

“Even without looking at the pictures of Wolfgat – the whitewashed cottage, the golden sand – our inspectors’ report makes you want to book a flight to Cape Town and drive on up the coast to Paternoster in a hurry,” the judging panel said.

“The place is super simple, rustic yet perfectly elegant. We sat by the fireplace. The restaurant is directly on the beach with an ocean view. We could watch the fishermen go out, come back and empty the catch from their brightly coloured boats.”

Wolfgat also scored points for its unique ‘Strandveld’ menu, its focus on providing jobs for locals, and its focus on sustainability.

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