There’s Incredible Value in Quality South African Wine — It’s Just Up to the Rest of the World to Notice

Monday, 11 February, 2019
VinePair, Laura Burgess
South Africa is the wine world’s next “it” region. What the Drinks Business once called “the ‘bad old’ days of South African winemaking” are fading into the rearview, replaced by stellar vintages and high-profile critical acclaim.

“South Africa is now well worth considering because the wines are seriously undervalued and a new wave of producers are making distinctive, age-worthy, appetising, definitively South African wines, both red and white,” Jancis Robinson wrote in late 2018.

How did a place with a 360-year-old viticultural history accomplish this contemporary feat?

“We just want to make great wine,” Ken Forrester, proprietor of Stellenbosch’s Ken Forrester Wines, tells me with a laugh.

International investment, modern tastes, real-time responses to climate change, and top techniques are contributing to South Africa’s triumphs. Now, it’s just up to the rest of the world to take notice.

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