Wednesday, 30 January, 2019
WOSA Blog, Malu Lambert
“It was a beautiful day,” says Cape Wine Master, Allan Mullins. “Just perfect for a braai with some friends. We went to this spot between Llandudno and Sandy Bay. There was this gully where water rushed in and out. We decided to try and jump in time to the water filling it. A friend of mine timed it perfectly.

“I hit sand. My neck snapped back, and I was washed out to sea. I was a surfer, I knew the ocean and I knew I was going to drown. This beautiful purple haze descended over me and I welcomed it.

“Luckily my mate grabbed me by the shoulder and managed to pull me out.”

The sound of that distant surf recedes and is replaced with the clink of cutlery; the scent of the ocean diffuses into the aroma of Italian cooking. We’re eating lunch in one of Allan’s regulars, cult foodie favourite, Magica Roma.

Apart from running the Woolworths Wine Department for almost three decades, Allan is also well respected as a judge, writer (both books and magazines), tasting presenter and lecturer in the wine industry.

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